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Collaborate instantly

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Create and Organize

Take collaborative notes, share data and files, and use comments to share your thoughts in real-time or asynchronously. Every contribution is marked with the author's name, so your breakthrough idea won't get left behind.

Hyper Collaborative

Granular privacy permissions enable you to invite a single friend, a dozen teammates, or thousands of Twitter followers. Embed a Pad on your website to open the floodgates, while maintaining precise control with moderation and historical reversion capability.

Intelligent Execution

Break projects into subtasks, assign them to team members and append tags to create releases and milestones. Monitor your progress using to-do lists. Capture your context, objectives, supporting data, and files all in one place so your colleagues find what they need right away and stay organized.

Work from anywhere

Your content lives in the cloud, and is accessible everywhere (even offline!) by mobile, desktop and tablet.

We give you what you need and skip the things you don't.

We give you the things you need to be productive with your team. For developers, there's monospace code formatting. For designers, multimedia embeds. Use Dropbox integration to share files of any size, from screenshots to massive datasets. And it's all accessible even when you're offline.


All of your team's pads live in one fully searchable place. Explore public Pads, discover innovative projects, and connect with like-minded people to do great things.