Vermont Seed Law

V.S.A. Title 6 Chapter 35

Text of the Vermont Seed Law


Summary: The Vermont seed law only regulates seed that is "sold" in the state. Unfortunately, the statute does not elaborate on the definition of "sold." As seen in the seed laws of other states, this term can include "exchanges" where no money changes hands. It is unclear how Vermont defines the word "sold." The statute should clarify what exactly "sold" means, and exempt seed libraries if they do in fact come under the law’s scope.


§ 641. Definitions

(1) "Agricultural seed" includes grass, forage, cereal, oil, fiber, and other kinds of crop seeds commonly recognized as agricultural seeds, lawn seeds, and combinations of such seeds, and may include noxious weed seeds used as agricultural seed.

(4) "Flower seed" includes seed of herbaceous plants grown for their blooms, ornamental foliage, or other ornamental parts, and commonly known and sold under the name of flower seed.

(7) "Vegetable seeds" include the seeds of those crops which are grown in gardens and on truck farms and are generally known and sold under the name of vegetable or herb seeds in this state.

Note: This section does not include a definition of the word "sold." It will be crucial to understand the definition of this word in the statute to understand its applicability to seed libraries.

§ 643. Enforcement

(a) To enforce the provisions of this subchapter, the secretary, upon presenting appropriate credentials, may:

Note: This subchapter gives the government broad latitude to inspect premises "where seeds are processed, packed, or held for distribution" for violations of the statute and take action when violations are stop further sale of the seed. It is not clear if this applies to seed libraries where there is no exchange of money for seed.

§ 644. Label requirements for agricultural, flower, and vegetable seeds

(a) Each container of agricultural, flower, and vegetable seeds which is sold in this state for sowing purposes shall be labeled.

§ 646. Exemptions

(a) The provisions of sections 644, 645, and 647 of this title shall not apply:

Note: There is no explicit exemption for seed libraries.