Rhode Island Seed Law

Statutes & Regulations



§2-6-2 Definitions.

§2-6-4 Prohibitions. 

Details unlawful actions by a person to sell, offer for sale, expose for sale, or transport for sale any agricultural or vegetable seed within this state.

§2-6-6 Exemptions.

Good faith sellers. – (a) The provisions of §§ 2-6-3 and 2-6-4 do not apply:

  • (1) To seed or grain not intended for sowing purposes;
  • (2) To seed in storage in, or being transported or consigned to a cleaning or processing establishment for cleaning or processing; provided, that the invoice or labeling accompanying any shipment of the seed bears the statement "seed for processing" and any labeling or other representation which may be made with respect to the uncleaned or unprocessed seed is subject to this chapter; or

    (3) To any carrier in respect to any seed transported or delivered for transportation in the ordinary course of its business as a carrier provided the carrier is not engaged in producing, processing, or marketing agricultural or vegetable seeds subject to the provisions of this chapter.

    §2-6-3 Label requirements.

    Each container of agricultural and vegetable seeds sold, offered for sale, exposed for sale, or transported within this state for sowing purposes shall have placed on or affixed to it in a conspicuous place a plainly written or printed label or tag in the English language, giving the following information, which statement shall not be modified or denied in the labeling or on another label attached to the container:

  • (1) For all seeds named and treated as defined in this chapter (for which a separate label may be used):
  • (2) For agricultural seeds, except for grass seed mixtures as provided in subdivision (3):

    (3) For seed mixtures for lawn and/or turf purposes in containers of fifty (50) pounds or less: