How to Hack the DC Tech Ecosystem

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So you’re new to the DC Tech scene, or maybe you’ve been here for a decade but want to get more involved. Where to start? This resource was created to help you acclimate to the DC Tech ecosystem as quickly as possible. It’s not meant to be all inclusive. There’s a lot out there. This will help you find it faster. Tweet us with anything you think we should include: @dctechmeetup

1) Sign up for a Meetup / register for an event. One of them should be the DC Tech Meetup :)

2) Read a tech blog (below), peruse the DMV Startup Handbook & join the DC Tech Facebook page.

3) Follow #dctech on Twitter and join the conversation.


Angel Investors



Calendars to follow:

Coding Classes/Workshops/Communities

Coworking Spaces

Events (Aggregators)

Event Venues 

Thank you (Brandon Luong) for getting this document started!

Facebook Communities

GIS/Geo Communities



Minorities in Tech:

Startups + Entrepreneurship Events

Startup Resources

Twitter Hashtags-- great to follow for the latest news/events on those topics

Women in Tech: