Arkansas Seed Law

Text of the Arkansas Seed Rules


The Arkansas Seed Law is located in Arkansas Annotated Codes Title 2, Subtitle 2, Chapter 18 and authorizes the State Plant Board to make all rules and regulations necessary to carry out the purpose of the law, which is to "provide supplies of high-grade seed, true to name and free from disease, for planting purposes."

From the Arkansas State Plant Board’s website describing the purpose of the state’s seed program: "The ultimate purpose of seed laws and regulations is to protect the consumer from poor quality or mislabeled planting seed and to provide a level opportunity for the selling of seed."

  • This law needs to be changed!
  • The law requires that anyone who distributes seed must get a license, which might be interpreted broadly to include seed libraries. The law also might require that seed libraries and seed sharers label the seeds they distribute.

    Excerpted Sections of the Seed Rules


    A. Licensing. Any person who sells, offers for sale, or distributes agricultural* seed for planting purposes within the state, or who sells or distributes agricultural seed into the state for planting purposes, shall have in force a valid license for such purpose from the State Plant Board, and such seed shall be labeled in accordance with these regulations. Licenses shall be issued on an annual basis covering the period July 1 through June 30. Applications for securing a license may be obtained from the State Plant Board.


    B. Tonnage Fees. All agricultural seed distributed or sold, whether in bulk or in containers, within or into Arkansas for planting purposes shall have a tonnage fee paid on it to the State Plant Board. (See Section 5. Fees.) The tonnage fee shall be due on the total pounds of first sales distributions by the originating Licensee.

    C. Labeling. A label with the information listed below shall be on or attached to each container of agricultural seed for planting purposes, and if seed is in bulk the label shall accompany each sale, either on the invoice or on a separate sheet or tag, except that, in retail stores where sales are made from small open containers the label of the seed shall be openly displayed on each container instead of being given to the purchaser with each sale. 


    B. These regulations shall not apply: 


    The prohibitions listed below shall not invalidate any provisions of these regulations through omission or repetition, but shall be a supplement thereto. No person shall:

    A. Sell, offer, expose, distribute or transport agricultural seed not labeled in accordance with the provisions of the above rules and regulations, or having a false or misleading labeling...