StratML Part 2 XForm Development

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I’ve taken on the challenge of trying to enhance the ISO Part 1 StratML XForm with the requirements for StratML Part 2.  This may not be possible/easy/worth the effort, but we’ll see.

The Part 1 form has been re-hosted using XSLTForms 1.0 Release Candidate 2 (the latest and greatest from XSLTForms)

The work in progress is for the Part 2 form which is being undertaken at:   

The purpose of this page is to maintain documentation and status updates on this effort.


-Added required elements and default values for several elements.

-Corrected several issues found by Gannon (J.) Dick.  


-XML+XSL button updated.

-Input from URL or local file enabled.


-Completed adding PerformanceIndicator structure to the form.


-Removed automated numbering of SequenceIndicator from Objective/SequenceIndicator per email from Owen.

-Added Type attribute to top of form.

-Added Performance Indicator structure to the form except for Measurement Instance.


-Added <Role> to Stakeholder throughout the form.  


-Received ANSI Part 2 form from Andre Cusson.

-Switched RoleType for organizations to selection type.


-Enabled XML button to see XML output from the form (  Only works with entered text.

-Adding RoleType to Organization/Stakeholder but there are issues.


-Began effort.  

-Copied Part 1 form to Part2Form.xml and added Part2 features to XForm input.

Requirements (from Owen email)

The namespace for the draft ISO version of StratML Part 2 is urn:ISO:std:iso:17469:tech:xsd:PerformancePlanOrReport and the additional elements in Part 2 that are not in Part 1 include: 


 A repeatable set of <Role> elements under <Stakeholder>.

 A repeatable set of <PerformanceIndicator> elements under <Objective>.


The links on those element names point to the HTML rendition of the documentation of the schema generated in oXygen:

The schema itself is at

Here are screen shots showing how those elements appear in my InfoPath form:



Stakeholders may have multiple roles and each of those roles may be of either the performer or beneficiary type or both. For example, a student would both a beneficiary and a performer in an educational program.


 Performance Indicators



Indicator types include:  Quantitative or Qualitative.

Value chain stages include: Input, Input_Processing, Output, Output_Processing, and Outcome.

XSD required elements and default values for form

Element Required? Default Contents
PerformancePlanOrReport/Name Yes
NumberOfUnits No 0
MeasurementDimension No [To be specified]
UnitOfMeasurement Yes [To be specified]
Stakeholder/Name Yes [To be named]
Role/Name Yes [To be named]
Goal/Name Yes [To be named]
Goal/Description Yes [To be described]
Relationship/Identifier No [To_be_described] in the form, PLACEHOLDER_# in output.
TargetResult/Description Yes [To be described]
ActualResult/Description No [To be determined]

Progress Status 

Tech Issues

- Multiple RoleTypes are repeated when Role is added.  Asked Alain for help. 9/2

Questions, Observations, etc.