Get Money Out of Politic$! Working Group Minutes

OWS End  Corporate Personhood / Get Money Out of Politics Working Group  (part of the Politics & Electoral Reform/P&ER group) meetings at 60 Wall Street.


Oct 24, 2012

Oct 17, 2012

minutes by Stefan

·      Introductions

·      7 people present


* Report backs:

- Petition on Staten Island (7-9am Tuesday thru Friday by

the ferri)


* Agenda Items

- Cecelia – Strategic Planning

-- Last we met we narrowed it down to two areas of focus 

-- Which item do we focus on: Cultural aspect of people, or

Government responsible to the electorate. We took a vote and decided to talk

about Government responsible to its electorate. 

-- Open question: What does a government responsible to the

electorate look like?

-- Limit on campaign spending, Report Backs by government

reps to the people, transparent government, a balance between democracy and an

effective government—we need a representative government—proportional

representation, a government where the purchase of reps is made illegal,

donations to elections should not mean that you own a rep or a party—donations

to the issues not the candidates, transparency with full disclosure—cultural

education about money and politics, limit on campaign spending—capital

punishment for any entity that donates to candidates, a cap on rep

compensation, free media for people that run for government, maybe providing an

alternative to what we want—lead by example,     


- John – Help with the petition signing

-- Two issues, lot of people to get tea-party officials

involved in what we are doing—petitioning, get money out of politics…. Jarret

sent out an email about masse coal mine in west Virginia. 


Announcement, next Wednesday at Union sq, south side of union

sq, stamp event all day—October 24th.

Oct 10, 2012

Minutes by Jason

October 3, 2012

MInutes by Tom

Report backs


the meeting of corps are not people

Osi agreed to participate in voting bloc activity in congressional race

Osi changed language...their voting bloc!

We will need press contact

Will inform people on our listserv

Cecilia knows of press people and may have blown contact.

Used to be in press

Forward media s17 to izthak***********

Stefan Voting Experiment Project

Moving forward

updated software package and working on irv algorithm where it is a more user friendly interface

Paperballot as backup

Tom tbd

Cecilia rockupy

Tim put together an evening of music

Parkside lounge

Put people from music and occupy community

Poetry music and merrymaking

One of the owners of the bar says let us do it again

Hoping to expand

Agenda items

Open agenda

Stefan strategic models and planning proposed ... 20 minutes

Sumumba ? 

Izthak....Flyers printed for voting experiment for november 6

Voluteers to administer experiment to voters 

Conducted in nycc

Have not dcided on which district

50 volunteers 


Voters occupy is new group Noz

Subgroup working with people to call city council!

State representatives to albany

Send comm twice a month

Beta site

Group will meet once a meet and pick 5 points and assembly members about 5 questions

phone calls 

Questions with details

Kathy black syndrome no experience in schools and made schools chancellor for 78 days

Stefan .... We have accomplished ... Maybe a strategic plan might be the one

Plan 1 ,,,,, focused on us identifyly on what an issue is 

An undesirable is lack of transparency

Identify the unsersireables ssss

After we idetify the cause then we lower the cause and stop the lack of transparency

No interest in this first model.....

We did a mockup trial run

Helped identify cause not included before


Step one have conversation to lay out values ,,,,Step two, based on that develop action plans

Step three positive evaluation

How out action affected Our goals.

Plan two is more focused on people therefore ’organic’

Cecilia would like to add that she found compelling about thus model in general

Six points

When should organic strategic planning be considered

The vision for you org ...might take a long tome to achieve

Efforts to achive vision might involve very diverse people, unstructured

Averse to conducting orderly activities

Culture of the ord hightly values the positive working stories

If org has donors it has confidmce that it can obtain that funding without presenting a conventional strategic plan document


Both plans require that speak up and voluteering where they can


Stick to a sort of schedule since scheduling  can be rough

It sounds like is is what neeeds to be done

Cecilia would like to add

I propose that we give is a test run being that it is inportant to get something going

With the idea in mind that we can modify strategic plan

Cecilia will give synopsis

Essentially the same

One clarify stakeholders visions and values

The types of stake holders depend on the purpose of planning

Two each person establisheds personal action plan that he or she can take to the vision and according to the values

This approach appreciative inquiry *** see link

Three each person reports the results of his or her actions and any learnings

Share then with entire group

Update recvisons and values with such. Repeat two and three until vision acheived.


Step one of values and visions inportant

Step teo skips certain classical strategic planning

The point is although i found organic model better it is still deficient in some ways.

The is something missing there says izthak

Cecilia says we should just dive in and people will know if it is working or not.



Nothing about either plan constricts us, just GUIDES US and

at anytime it can be modified and abandoned


Friday at 7pm at liberty

Please attend

Question as to

Whether we are  addressing voting issues ... 

Catherine....when i leave these groups it is helpful to me to have  some sort of rolse to bring back for the next time. Did not come for a  while....if there is structure perhaps

She will be doing district 11 work on amendment / grimm to sign the petition

Cecilia that is exactly what we a trying to achieve to adopt a strategic plan. We are talking about the strategic model.

So we need to do step two

Stefan will start

Values and visions:

Do we all agree that we a here becasue money and politics do not mix. 

Stefan should we go home and reflect. No ceccilia says we adopt it and just do it.

Stefan envisions a system of government where money is used for materials for their campaigns from soap to signs. A fixed amount

So that government can focus on legislation not just moving money around.

They do not decide based on argumnets, they only hear how much they are going to get money for campaign

Needs to be citizens arguing why they should be elected

Catherine ...who makes the decisions in Congress?

Stefan we can expand it as days and weeks progress.

Cecilia the first one is to CLARIFY WHAT OUR VISIONS AND GOALS ARE


Fix whatever branch of government that is supposed to be representing the people and rehabilitate it.

Stefan questions how do you envison 

Do we construct or tear it down

Point of clarification by

Cecilia: what we are asking in this model is to just give a soundbite,

A few sentences about your vision

What form that would take?

Money is not free speech

Second end the fed rally in november

40 billion a month......many times


Have to work through congresss as they are the ones who control it ultimately

Constitutional amendements are interesting to your review

We would have to get people excited on local level and states

The staes might make their own rules though many do not know legislators

Sometimes you have to do the work for them

Cecelia ... Adopt a constituional amendment

Stefan not a vision more of a task

Suppose an amendment does go through, what will it look like?


Or i would imagine that peoplle would run for free

Newspapers people should be allowed to run for free.

Cecelia would like to seee ac onty where anyone can run for office

An unpolutted supreme court

Money is standing in the way of thise things

Money out of elections, governace, the judiciary

Tom no superpacs

Tim re strategic plan organic identify values and visions

Tim vision is more representative goverment....smaller districts

Corporations not people are running government

Vision of people as humans rather than corporations

The parties are a big part of the problem.  


Constitutional amendment that corps are not people

That is a tool to get more money

Proportional reprezentation with smaller discticts

Stefan prefers direct middleman

You vote and get rid of electoral colege

Take away president’s war clause

Progressive radio network Ndaa

News dissector show



Take this specific question home

Clarify your visions and values

Think about thatmso that next week we can have a more protracted conversation


Popular assembly is a break out session and discussion groups

Get together propose topic and discuss

And plan actions


A task or tasks to be proposed to think more of visions and goals to COME UP WITH SENTENCE



OWS revolving ga s

Occupy nyc transit EVENT

No fare hikes

Since summer focused on major issues after being  are being hit with higher fares

How many sets of books does the mta have now??

Public hearing nov 7

Brooklyn marriot hotel downtown brooklyn


Nov 13th 450 grand concourse 5pm

bronx at hostos community college

Nov 15

Sheraton la guardia hotel in flushing queens

5pm links to public hearnings


Catherine : there will be an ’end the fed rally’ november 24....will check


October 13 global day of action make noise

Pots and pans

Free university assembly and breakout groups

Stefan question

How does the group feel about the progress about stratgic model

Ccilia moderately beter focus

Stefan getting frustrated 



Citizens united anniversary

Occupy faith and ?

Sept 26, 2012

Minutes by Tom


1. Tim Started drrafting a press release about the widespread suppression

of the corporate vote ( a satirical press release as 30 million people

denied their rights to vote);

2. Stefan: there will be a Sunday meeting to do promotional video (?) For

November voting experiment .  There exist some questions as to when to

start in November and studio will be rented.  IMPORTANTLY THERE NEEDS TO BE

A SCRIPT IDEA. Kitten idea brought up,,,,

3. Cecilia: Facebook (events) page started for the voting experiment this

election cycle (some issues reported....) for the voting experiment pitch.

Volunteers in _______________ (?) requested got description onto webpage.

Not seeking funding to cover experiment on election day?

4. Tom: went through the working groups minutes and emails from earlier in

the year back through March and a voluminous amount of hits on money out of

politics in Google News for three months .Looking to identify ups and

downs. Need to do at least a cut-and-paste and provide a link or print out.

5. Cecilia: trip for Albany. Regarding politics and elect call reform

specifically sub working group to report project to Green party at State

committee party went very well. to give a report back to members of the

Green party on our boarding experiment; personal feedback was received

and people are energized and excited about the project.

6. Bill: invitation is still open on the agenda for Staten island working

group. Regarding a move to amend with Grimm Republican candidate versus

Murphy democrat. A development was that there was a break in where one side

was accusing the other stealing PC system. There will also be a Thursday

night  strategy meeting at 3:51 St. Paul’s Avenue SI, nyc


Cecilia re izthak presence of group at presidential debate at Hofstra



Discussion: 10 minute segments to start

Bill: Regarding the amendment process of getting money out of politics for

the Congressional election in Staten island.  We want to get one of the

candidates to stand behind an amendment how should Occupy Staten Island

proceed? Getting the candidates information on amending process so far so

not has been approved and they have not been reached out to the candidates

need to be reached out to as to what are the answers from their parties,

then released to the press in October get issue front and center in Staten

island. Get media.

And he said it sucks for people in the debates to only get 3" x 5" index

card for their question.

Celila question

Stefan: organic strategic model: a three-step approach


This is the second strategic model

There is a hard time presenting as it has to be explained a different way

since it mimics the organic model that people do.

People come to gather and establish value and based on this they act

protest and ??????? STEFAN FILL IN BLANK WORD

this is the three-step process

There will be in the valuation of how this affected us has it improved

change lowered or raised goals?

Organic approach is helpful because of it’s structure

Cecilia has a point of clarification:

Trouble visualizing. It would be easier soon since there has not been any

analysis there will be after action review never did an analysis of how

acted because we evaluated how performed in action for IMPACT

Bill has announced the goal of modeling process for efficiency in the

group of the working of the group for subsequent sessions

Cecelia addresses the following:

I think that the questions he actual of that was very successful not sure

it had impact due to lack of followup.

Energy was harnessed with the plan in place but group was did designed to

have event as the sole focus.

Sept 19 (meeting postponed due to Sept 15-17 actions)

Sept 12, 2012

Minutes by Stefan

Report backs:

1) No Lessig for the 16th

2) Movie "We’re Not Broke," (scheduling this has been difficult)

3) "American Anti-Corruption Act" Nov 13 launch date; a summary will be issued to (?) people at the meeting. An actual plan 

is in the works by the composers of the act (

4) Strategic Plan still in the works


+ Sept 15-17 plans: 15th in Wash Sq park around 10:30/11am. 16th in Foley/Thomas Paine park around 10:30/11am to table.

Cecelia agreed to give a brief speech if the space is provided.

+ United Republic (discussion)

+ Three point agenda item: 1) Numerous polls have shown that 75-85% of Americans ALREADY agree that we should overturn Citizens United 2) There are at least a dozen bills already in Congress to do this 3) None of the bills have a chance to pass because they are being blocked by the 1% party obstructionists in the House. Specifically, what can we do to solve this and get money out of politics? Time requested = 30-40 minutes.

Announcements: Brg Anse (?) is speaking about her book at Tribeca B&N this Friday; Walgreens is having labor disputes...something about potential actions (?)

Sept 5, 2012

Minutes by Stefan

+ Report back: Labor Day march (Bill Johnson) march to Cadman Plaza across BK Bridge, about 30 people in attendance.

+ Occupy Town Square in Sunset Park (Stefan), we had a good time (Jason, Stefan, Cecelia, Tim).

Agenda: movie screening suggestions - "Salt of the Earth," (Herbert Biberman, dir) "Matewan," (based on a true story), "Koyanisquatsi," "Grapes of Wrath," "Inside Job," "Wall Street" (1980), "The Corporation," "Sicko," "Capitalism: A love story," "Burma VJ."

Consensus = Agreed to a suggested donation of $3 as an idea.

Outreach: post flyers, NYCGA/events, coffee shops, book stores (8x11 paper)

Plans for Sept 15-17:

+ Lessig was contacted by Cecelia and he may speak on the 16th

+ Projector - broadcast the event (?)

+ Flyering

+ Metro, Village Voice

+ Cecelia will draft a flyer for Lessig/talk

+ We are setting up a table on the 15th

GMOP names changes ??

August 22, 2012

Minutes by Tom

Attendance: Izchak. Will facilitate

Other’s presence are Cecelia,  Stefan, Bill, John, Kareem, Tom, Jason, Matthew

1. Voting bloc workshop

With general information disseminated that is useful in the general


Note the similarities and differences

Aware of the two sets of disagreements:

A) fundamental versus non-fundamental...e.g., should we include election

vote off (sorry I could not understand my writing here)

B. the nine fundamentals non profits for instance


The gentleman from Philadelphia then brought to the agenda videos to

present for September 16

The fun idea of showing an addiction to money in the humor category!

Matthew takes stack

A. Report back then

B. agenda items

C. Announcements at the end

Report Back:

Stephan conducting a voting experiment this November

Targeting districts in five boroughs they have assessed how many

volunteers are needed for this experiment

So volunteers would preferably be available for the whole day that is an

essential need

Cecilia: there may be in addition people meeting on election day and hour

of training....?

Karen: question Stephan is this the same as the voting experiment

conducted for a while?

The answer was it will be on the actual people on the ballot

[Then I have a note for Sunday between 3 PM and 5 PM but I do know what it

is is applied to]

Bill John, SI :):

Question and form of statement:

Important to state the premise and process of our exercise

There exists a press release of similar experiment conducted in exit


Experiment tests alternative voting methods versus past

e.g.,., person with most votes wins even if not majority

Jason and asked would it be tested on all levels of government?

Stephan answer is no

B. agenda item 2 is September 17 September 16 September 15

Strategic planning model

Bill jack 1. Occupied Townsquare Sunset Park next Saturday important

2. September 3 Labor Day walk across Brooklyn Bridge to Caribbean Parade

get there after 10 AM

Gather at City Hall Park walk across bridge to Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn

The idea is to start then move away from Wall Street to the outer



It was decided today to give five minutes to each segment following with

the option to add more:

Jack says

OTS in Sunset Park on 45th and 46 street adjacent to Sunset Park

one tenants  that are being forced out Avenue apartment to change the apt

status harassment by electrical and staff

this is a long-standing action where they are refusing to pay rent upon

investigation of the owner and superintendent who allegedly have attacked

some of them.

OWS did actions oo there

  Jack’s wish is the message I’ll get money out of politics to put the

agenda of OTS

Saturday 12 to 7 45th St. stop on the R train

Jason has table


Petition public campaign New York

She says I have access to a printer and I can run off a batch of copies

will print stuff

That’s fine will call Jason to coordinate table

Karen.  Says it is a beautiful park multiethnic and Cecelia says nice

weather is ahead


Monday, September 3 Brooklyn Bridge banners paper info for between City

Hall Park and Cadman Plaza

The question by Itzhak was who will carry given that it will start at 10

or 11 AM to gather and then noon at Cadman and then subway to Caribbean

parade! Stephan Cecilia and others will work on whether the corporate flag

would be a possibility

Will post the rest on Facebook


Jason asks "any ideas?"

Cecelia says she will message the listserv regarding the banner being

loaned out

Matt says there exists planning for convergence spaces on 15 September

It will be a more nebulous day to take the corners and pull up a chair

etc. and gather to talk

On September 16 it will be a more regimented time and talk due to mainstage

And set changes for segments

If our working group wants to participate in the conversation/convention

what do we want to do?

For the 17th two things

7 AM on Wall Street

Retreat naturally to secondary spaces

And Emma Goldman workshop for instance at the end of day even?!

The essential question is is there something that this group can present

in 20 minutes slot


Sincerely I will be happy to say a few words on what the whole idea of

money out of politics is

A lot of it came out all.....(?) ....with GOP


Karen said it is important for bullet point on handouts would like to see

all actions

Petitions to sign , chants, broom dance as in town Hall


If you could have been at a presentation and act to deliver our message

though most of us are not professional in this area

But for example I could be Mr. Money bags I need money for something less

corny however I know it can be better but it could be funny and get the

message across

Matthew says a couple of things :

the casserole ballet is congregating

Speak directly to the issue of this working group to address the very

specific issues

*******note that it next week’s meeting we can have a better



He has done political theater since Vietnam parity and mimicry are fun but

now getting the message out clearly and focus is essential get that out

Get that out!


Regarding the marriage of the person and corporations we generally agree

with money out of politics but an corporate personhood is not our cause


She notes burly Wall Street actions take action phones and calling Mayor

come up with someone to call and message to send

Bernake! Not just mayor !!!

Tele-flash-mob, says Jason

It was noted that Jill Stein is the Green party candidate

Matthew then asks do we have a project concretely  what next Wednesday

might assess the limitations yet present information

All agreed to have more ideas next week


Someone post on listserv and do not miss next weeks meeting

Stephan has announcement hat prepublication

There exists there a Huge amount of information

All things campaign

Kim Barker

Chat 11am to 5 pm

All things campaign-finance it is a typing chat and one must register

It was stated to Jason what they are doing is the date substance that we

should be.....?

Stephan not ready to present second item open up for discussions since

there is no model to present

Stephan says the question is does anyone know of any model. There exists to issues1. how do you seal decision in horizontal group,different planning for a strategy plan

There are a lot of models ,,,,,

Jason says there exists open space technology for lack of a better word ;

it is from a guy who has been hired by many organizations and corporations

for inventing things

General gathering.hardware


So what are we talking about give me the cliff notes

Model is an agreement between a group of individuals about the problem and

the clause and what limits us in this and how to proceed so there is

agreement to consensus and how to move forward ......

  Stephan thinks we need it because what we have done so far is not

affected we need to try new things


I do not have experience from your reference point

We have lethargy in our society to allow how are that is to the point of

bad policies democracy is out the window

It is essential to find others who are doing direct communication with

neighbors For instance Generally people that are motivated and community

Stephan replies we all agree and we need to act

Cecelia we are trying to determine a path to exactly that


What have we done until now?


External and internal stuff Stefan says that would be a change in the

discussion there is a question on the table



Secilia says we are talking a bout a model for a SP to move this group over


I think it is a great idea


Address general issue of how we have been doing strategic plan issue is

there are two systems the extern all and the internal

  What prevents us internally assets are smart versus others out there

Externally fucked up society

Can we have a working group and do it candidly?


Itzhak is contributing to why the group reiterates doing exercises

bringing in new models are good and Stephan’s Point is take

Jason says we already have a model and we should do one next meeting to

focus discussion and create insights to build on then map online and in person that way things can grow


Jason point of information to options join Google groups or PHP forum

which is independent

Matthew asks what do we do then?

Not particularly horizontal we align with other groups nationally and

build off of information with as many cohorts as we can

Direct action has gifts online song letter company

Jib jab to get attention!

Not horizontal at all just do it!

Play with it on how to bring it up in the conversation

Jason to comment the last three

1. feeding off of network data committee constant information repository

data committee then how will it be applied...

gather ideas on how to use projects

pipe line into September 15, 1617 and tabling

affect consciousness through infrastructure

Data committee to be taken seriously not only is it entertaining...


Hey cause is not just external there are internal causes to be addressed


One of our internalgod data source

Effective communication systems


S17 wg meeting

question what is your intention why do you want to change the system what

would make it worth the......

regarding the internal hey that is why we are here!

there is no real time communication


We do have a written statement

Stephane we would apply a model so everyone is on the same page

A model is

Q what you change

2 what you change it into

3 how to cause it

4 why change it

5 how to continue it

Cecelia says just by what I saw last week I would like to revisit two

models already presented just to keep the discussions going

Jason and others say yes

Cecelia question is there a second model already picked out to discuss

Stephan not really looking at the second model

Question is asked have you all gone to city and city council agenda

Stephan we have several approaches there are some steps toward that goal

with get money out of politics that have.".....

Cecelia offers to talk off-line

Jason an agreement about continuing the exercise done twice

Exhausted until deemed unuseful we have 3 to 4 people and unknown others

that think it is productive

Why not continue exercise if that’s what we want

Matthew asks what is the nature of the exercise

August 1, 2012

Attended: Tom, Cecelia, Stefan, Jason, Izthak, John, Christeena

Mission statement passed around as reminder; Izthak passed around text he worked on with someone from Occupy Albany for us to proof-read and consense on wording changes

Item 1: Jason  requested each person express "what is a priority for each

of us  get money out of politics "  as a survey of people pre

Item 2 : Outreach :

a ) who is willing to do it?

b ) when are persons willing to do it and;

c:) what conditions are appropriate?

Item 3: Wake up Wall Street actions Friday at liberty now 6 pm every Friday

Bob (sp.?, sorry) on OCCUPY STATEN ISLAND: " intention is to connect in

some way as it relates to get money out of this will go

depends on occupy Staten island and giving it in person is power to it."

Jason: is candidate issue [?] to be prototype experiment ?public


Izthak add-ons

1. voting bloc

2. occupyNorthEast GMOP as interoccupy conference call online


3. banners

4. name change

5. Stefan...STRATEGIC PLAN a must

agreed to give 5 or less more minutes to discussion on Izthak paragraph

revisions to share with Occupy Albany


Generally struggling with lobbying and transparency of money.

non profits do not have to declare how much they are giving.

the question that needs to be addressed is how deep does that go?

focus on further specifics to be worked on.


constitutional amendment ~!

Izthak: mentioned throwing all the congress people out / traitors

Ceclia: Department of Information now on whether it is it legal to trade on

insider info in congress.

On public financing in new york state, governor cuomo has once again I

started it is a priority but now my trade it as leverage... leverage to

trade on legislators desire for a pay increase


trying to see what combines with the other things..

Stefan: Campaign finace reform in NYS

Christina arrives : "I feel like the corruption of the government is number

2 issue in america are thinking about there must be more permeation of the



outreach at least you every couple of weeks christina does every other



is it for the money out of politics outreach method decided by outreach;

1 form go out and digital ..?


I need a plan for 99 banners on I 95 between new york city and washington

people are needed and it was requested that someone be the point person

next the point was brought up about leaving out the expression big money

from get money out of politics

coverage is especially needed from new york city to trenton make an


no one volunteered to do the nyc to trenton i95


please note the creative how are of banner is very passionate about get

money out of politics and as friends with someone and direct action every

week a surprise march to a donor with banners and even sometimes with civil

disobedience (!) *perhaps it will create media coverage! Needs volunteers

new participants for such too.


point of information that it would probably be 1 night for such a violation

of civil disobedience


point of information when we were organizing citizens united in January

many corporations were focused on 1 day (Jan 21, 2011).

Cecila: every 2 weeks showing exactly...?....common cause suggested it;

Cecila also needs data and a mic. checker for actions.


Re: friday actions -- use list and email?


every other friday Zuccotti


emphasize the importance of media and certainly public media relations to

the best of the ability of the working group or a group to be created or

associate it with..

public media relations!

live stream you stream village voice the villager progressive newspapers

progressive website with comments facebook hundreds of digital social

networks and a public relations person that knows how to turn the media

attention as need be to the best of our abilities


Barbara Pressman was involved in media and if you can contact her she was

our media person


On the dedicated GMOP there is this a group of 10 people in north east

working on coordinating working group in the northeast.*

Jarret is the other person in new york city not active now retired

replacement needed to fill vacuum

*operated by LISTSERV and telephone conferences

as far as name change because we are de facto "money out of politics";

 christina and others agreed that this is good and we will move on

8:20 pm

Stefan:  There exists no strategic plan now but

step 1: please answer what is your idea of a strategic plan.

Izthak: a strategic planning what karen and caroline said should be

accepted but it got lost

Stefan: (no history just give your opinion, please.)

Iztak: it starts with analysis strengths weaknesses opportunities and

asksour values.

so how do we analyze and achieve a cause of what we should be or do?

multiple goals depend on our analysis of get money out of politics and

the goal was stated in vision statement.

Tom: networkwithothers

Cecilia : A calendar to extrapolate time line essential.

Christina: not sure we need Strategic plan


and balls of gold then what components are needed to achieve goals examples

outreach actions and media

hey divide and conquer it is also a set of protocol that people agreed to

do toward the goal... the 1 goal


we must honestly analyze how and why this group shrunk


how do we view direct action for our group?

 in reality of the ’political arena’,... what we will not do endorsements

of candidate, etc. what is likely or unlikely?

"Strategic Plan" is a guiding document the environment will dictate whether

it will happen or not


40 video-links on citizens united [insert web-link]

besides the fact I like the idea we need to as we were formerly derailed.


I will bring abstract next week 

July 25??

July 18 (no formal meeting?)

July 11

(John took "minutes")


john, itzhak, andy, nick, elsbeth, cecelia, caroline, stepha,









next steps including merge

voting bloc from itzhak

no  conclusions were consensed

July 4 (no meeting)

June 27 (update)

agenda: the national assembly in philly, general outreach, strategic

planning and more.

June 20

6:30-8:30p @ common cause/ny, 74 trinity place, suite 901 for "training" session

June 13 (update)

on the agenda:  the rally, general outreach, the national assembly in 

philly and who knows what else!  if you have something to add, let me 

know!  :)

June 6 minutes for public campaign finance teleconference planning action

notes from call 6-6-12

We decided to have an action:

- Thurs. June 14

- 4-7p

- Gov. Cuomo’s office - (633 3rd ave between 40th & 41st)

Our vision was like this:

- Start with a table, gather signatures on petition and hand out

literature in the early part

- We won’t have enough signatures for an impressive delivery, but

thought we’d deliver a letter asking Cuomo to support PCF, and

describing the support we’ve found among the people

- Later on, do the mop dance and chants

Questions and to do’s:

Jarret:  contact Jason and Stefan about making an online petition to

go with the paper ones

Jarret:  contact CANY, CC and invite them

Jarret:  Post on Facebook

Jarret has GMOP flag.

Question:  Who has corporate flag?

Question:  Who can bring table?

Cecelia:  Ask Anthony if he can video

Karen: contact Carolyn about mops, mop dance, chants

Karen:  Post chants to listserv for thoughts, additions

Karen:  write email blurb and press release

Question:  Who sent press release out before and could they do it


All: Suggest flyer content - more detail on issue

All:  Download petition from yahoo group site and get sigs!

NEXT CALL:  Tues. 6/12 9pm

taken by karen.

May 30 (update)

agenda:  new york state public campaign financing, strategic planning, 

national assembly, name change and more! 

May 23, 2012 minutes 

attendees:  cecelia, jerry, susan, jarret, john s., carolyn, itzhak, 

bill, christina, cynthia, mudassir 

facilitator:  cecelia 

minutes:  jarret 

stack:  bill 

time:  carolyn 

report backs:  teach in (itzhak); new ga - saturdays, 7p @ 60 wall 

(bill); golden/knock for 99 (mudassir); david cobb (john s.) 

agenda items: 

public campaign financing in new york state (jarret): 

- petition to cuomo: "i care about getting the corrupting influence of 

money out of politics.  i want a fair election process and a 

government that works for all people, not just the special interests. 

please support a robust campaign financing system which limits the 

role of private money in our political system." (consensus) 

- paper only since we’re not equipped to handle an online version 

- possible day of action on may, 31 in conjunction with gmop albany’s 

press conference and cany’s delivery of letters to golden and other 

state senators 

meeting rules (john s.): 

- 1) people should give a time estimate when they submit agenda items 


- 2) facilitator assembles list and suggests time adjustments when 

necessary (consensus) 

- 3) facilitator suggests order of list (consensus after friendly 

amendment to maintain the traditional order of report backs, agenda 

items and announcements) 

- 4) immediate response (withdrawn) 

- 5) agenda items timed not people (no consensus) 

- 6) at end of each meeting agenda items for the following meeting are 

offered (consensus) 

strategic planning (carolyn): 

- strengths & weaknesses 

national assembly in philly (jarret): 

- june 30 to july 4 when they will attempt to come up with an occupy 

mission statement 

- we should do something in conjunction with the north east regional 

gmop coalition 

- jarret will take point 

- bill is walking to philly 

name change (itzhak): 

- wants to officially change name to get money out of politics 

- temperature check was positive 

- will formally propose in the near future 


- carolyn wants to interview occupiers for some kind of video project 

if anyone is interested <

- gmop hosting free kock brothers movie screening june 4 <http://> (cecelia)


May 16, 2012 minutes 

attendees:  cecelia, itzhak, john s., jarret, bill, stefan, issac, 

karen, mudassir, cat, jason, carolyn 

facilitator:  itzhak 

minutes:  john s. 

stack:  cat 

time:  mudassir 

report backs:  david cobb (john s.), times square sit down (cecelia), 

gold 4 golden (bill), bank day (?), da action (?), voting bloc & n.e. 

regional coalition (itzhak), strategic planning (carolyn) 


- occupy national gathering in philly june 30 - july 4 

- gmop hosting kock brothers movie screening june 4 (cecelia & jason) 

agenda items: 

meeting rules (john s.): 

- numerous minor procedural changes proposed 

- will draft a summary and send it to the group for conclusion next 


public campaign financing in new york state (karen & jarret): 

- probably won’t come to a vote in state senate by end of session 

(june 21) 

- still want to plan action targeting cuomo (skelos/silver?) 

- want to work with our sister groups in albany, syracuse & rochester 

(clean elections now) 

- working on message (broad vs. specifics) 

- jason wants info for notepad 

[forced to leave atrium after suspicious package found by security. 

relocated to outdoor seating area down the block.] 

electronic communications (itzhak): 

- presented some preliminary info on electronic comm. issues and 

polled us to complete subgroup’s analysis 

May 9, 2012 minutes 

attendees:  cecelia, caroline l., barbara, itzhak, dj, hollie, john 

s., ben, sally, emily, jarret, kyle, bill, stefan 

facilitator:  ben 

minutes:  jarret 

stack:  bill 

time:  caroline l. 

report backs:  gold 4 golden (bill); state resolution (jarret); 

priceless (barbara) 

agenda items: 

meet the 99 (caroline l.): 

- new working group focused on more effective campaign messaging based 

on public opinion polling and research 

- interested in working with us on a specific action/campaign 

- will let us know if public campaign financing in new york state is 

something they want to work on 

public campaign financing in new york state (jarret & emily): 

- the team had decided to target cuomo on their last conference call 

- new information surfaced calling into question whether the bill 

would be voted on in the state senate this session which ends on june 


- emily suggested we hit silver 

- jarret suggested we needed to reassess our strategy 

- john s. suggested the team bring their analysis of the situation to 

the group 

internal communications (itzhak): 

- tabled 


- barbara will take point on the state resolution effort and resource 


- kock brothers movie screening 5/24 at all souls church (sally) 

- possible kock brothers movie screening 6/4 hosted by ecp/gmop 


May 2, 2012 minutes 

Recorded by Itzhak Epstein 






Michael K. 



John S. 





Moderating – Jarret 

Notes – Itzhak 

Time – Michael 

Stack – Bill 

Reports back: 

Public Campaign Finance, turned into a full blown discussion. 

Occupy Albany 

Movie Screenings 


Mission Statement: 

The draft by the sub-working-group was reviewed and consented to after 

five amendments were added. 

Our mission is to eliminate the corrosive, non democratic, influence 

of private money on our public electoral systems and government. 

We will achieve tangible progress towards this mission with a 

strategic approach to actions that may include the following: 

❶ Research and self-education. 

❷ Public outreach and education. 

❸ Non violent direct actions that bring attention to the issues and 

the solutions. 

❹ Calling for and supporting appropriate legislation, resolutions, 

ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments at the local, state 

and federal levels. 

❺ Building support among activists and organizations across the 

political spectrum. 

Electronic communications: 

Due to the shortness of time, no discussion occurred.  We filled out a 

questionnaire that will be reviewed and analyzed by the sub-working- 

group that is working on this matter. 

Next meeting: 

Wednesday, May 9th, 7-9p, in the Atrium @ 60 Wall Street 

Edited & Posted by Jarret

OWS Ending Corporate Personhood/Getting Money Out of Politics

Minutes from April 25 Weekly Meeting by Cecelia

20 in Attendance

Facilitator:  Max

Stack:  Max

Time:  Patrick

Minutes:  Cecelia


Support for Occupy Albany Elections Bill

Campaign Finance Reform In New York State

Our Mission

Electronic Communication

- Decision on whether or not to support Albany bill was tabled to give

members time to review the bill. John Steefel is bottom lining getting

information on the bill.

- Rosemary is taking point on public finance for NY State Elections.

She gathered names of anyone interested in keeping informed and/or

join in a break out.

- Itzhak is taking point on electronic communications.  He will

convene a meeting before our next weekly meeting.

- Second (and possibly last) breakout on long term mission is

scheduled for 5:30pm Sunday 4/29 at 60 Wall.

Minutes from April 18th (part of our regular


1st Strategic Planning Meeting- happening during 30/40 minutes  of our

regular Wednesday meeting: April 18th (I think)

So Very broad strokes, this section was facilitated by Max Bean.

Question: What is the purpose of this group:

• End corporate personhood

• Get private money out of politics

• Declaration that money is not speech

• Plan of Action for citizens united

• Corporations are not people

Question: what are your long term goals?

• Public Campaign Financing in NY State

• Constitutional Admendment

• Voting block

• Improve internal communications

• Outreach

• Corporate Tour

• Data Gathering

• define success

Question what are some of the tools and tactics you would like to


• Movie nights

• Collaborating with other OWS groups

• Collaborating with other non-profits and non-OWS groups

• Voting block

• Petition

• Connect with Media organizations

• Pledge for politicians

• Create our own youtube videos

• Dramatic actions

• Manhattan neighborhood network

We did an informal vote on how many people supported direct actions as

a main area of tools and tactics:  10 people did.

We did an informal vote on how many people supported lobbying or

petitions as a main area of tools and tactics:  12 people did.

What is needed from Strategic Planning:

• NY State Campaign Finance: 2 months

• Mission statement

• Realistic about resources

• Organize database of resources

• Clarify targets/ clarify message


• Get more elected officials involved/in support

• Wiki

• Sustainability

• Not re-inventing the wheel

How to proceed:

        Focus on NY State Campaign

        Long meeting: 3 hours to discuss Strategic Planning

Political Strategy:

        Intra-Group Discussion

Goals & Mission & Purpose

OWS End Corporate Personhood Minute 3/7/12

By Naomi


·      Agenda:

o   Report back on Montana

o   Discussion of Article III

o   Report back about F29

o   Report back on NY State Public Campaign Financing

o   Proposal to host a talk by David Cobb on March 26

o   Proposal to change name of group to “Get Money Out of Politics”

o   Discussion of Tax day

o   Report back on Occupy New York (coalition of Get Money Out of Politics groups around New York state) – if we have time 

o   Discussion of HR 347

o   Proposal for getting NYC Resolution passed state-wide

o   Constitutional Convention to pass amendment ending corporate personhood

·       John: Article III of the Constitution states that “The Supreme Court  shall have appellate jurisdiction… with such exceptions as the Congress  shall make.” So Congress can pass a law saying SCOTUS does not have  jurisdiction over campaign finance

o   John posted a thread on listserv so please take a look at the document and do some reading about this

·       Report back from John on Montana: American Tradition Partnership should  submit documents to Supreme Court so they can review Citizens United  again. Please contact ATP and ask them to file documents: 703-200-3669

·       Report back from Lorraine on F29 – event was cold but successful.  Arrived at Bryant Park at 9, then marched to corporations, then came  back to park. Not a big ECP presence –just some homemade signs (one of  them featured in Rolling Stone). Successful event. 

o    We will form a team so we can have a group ready to go establish a  presence at these big events. M17 coming up. Anthony will take point on  that so email him if you want to be at events to represent ECP. 

§   Team can also make an inventory of what buttons, signs, flags, etc., we  have, and who has them, so it’s easy to find when someone needs it.  Barbara will get in touch with Anthony to coordinate this

·       Report back from Karen on NY State campaign for campaign finance  reform: We’re working on flyer to get people informed about this  campaign. We have meeting with man from Brennan Center to educate us on  the issue and discuss their approach. If you want to get involved in  this, post on the google group or email Karen at Planning town hall meeting and also trying to  think of a different fun event

·       Jarret report back on “Occupy NY” statewide ECP efforts: Occupy NY is  proposing to send around a letter to elected officials calling for  “clean” elections and an amendment that gives the people the right to  regulate campaign finance (vague, not bogged down in specifics). Will  ask elected officials if they will support the proposals. Talk to Jarret  if you have contacts at other NY occupations.

·       Sam on Constitutional Convention: Sam is from organization called Wolf  Pac with goal of getting money out of politics by passing an amendment  through the constitutional convention process. By July 4 wants as many  municipalities as possible to call on state reps to pass a resolution  calling for a convention. In summer, want to work on getting states to  pass those resolutions. Also trying to get politicians on record on  whether they do or do not support this. Get involved at,  contact Sam at, or contact Jarret for access  to our sister group working on this issue (Campaign for Constitutional  Convention). 

·      Proposal to change name of group to Get Money Out of Politics (GMOP):

o    Everything we’re doing is about getting $ out of politics, whether its  state campaign finance reform, a constitutional convention, overturning  citizens united, etc. GMOP encompasses everything.  This name is being  used by similar groups in other occupations (incl. DC, Seattle) – run  around with mops to “clean up politics.” Mission will remain the same. 

o   No consensus reached, discussion tabled 

·       Proposal to organize event for David Cobb on March 26: Move to Amend is  asking us if we can host David Cobb give a talk on the basics to spread  awareness of this issue to a wider audience. They want a minimum  audience of 30. Group supports this. Naomi will take point on  organizing 

·      Lorraine will start email list and establish a push for a statewide resolution – contact her to work on this.

·      Tax Day: Kim will take point on seeing what Messaging is planning so we can coordinate.

·       HR 347 discussion: "Anti Protest Law."  Not really appropriate for this  group but those interested (Barbara, Lorraine, etc.) should speak  separately.  There is another subgroup from PAER that is forming to deal  with issues like this and NDAA called Constitutional Infringement.

·      Next meeting will be Wednesday, March 14


Minutes from 1/18/12 meeting in the Atrium @ 60 Wall St.

Reports backs – 5 min

·      Melina: we have a contact with a package including stage, lights,

sound, speakers, a mic and mic stand – he will donate the package. Yay!

o   Rev. Bill and choir require three speakers so we’re gonna need 2 more

mics and a mixer

o   We have people coming in to set up and break down – asking for $200.

Also, mixer costs $50

§  So, everyone please donate $10! We will discuss this later.

o   Sally thinks she has mics

·      Question – is permit for amplification?

o   Answer: There are 2 permits! One to be there, one for sound

·      Rebecca – maybe we shouldn’t work with Occupy the Dream because had

bad experience with them in planning for MLK Day -- specific examples,

didn’t feel there was real collaboration

o   Q: What does this have to do with corporate personhood?

§  A: Russell Simmons and Ben Chavis part of OTD, wants to let people know

they aren’t necessarily easy to work with, we may need to be clear that

this group will never endorse a political candidate or party (b/c OTD is

very pro-Obama)

o   Comment: Keep Russell Simmons in check. He coopts our meetings!

§  Response: sometimes he just tries to coopt them but we can get him into

shape. But he and his people have been difficult in planning the rally – he

wanted to go before Rev. Billy, but we said no.

o   Might be difficult to rein Russell Simmons in when he is actually on


§  We will have to hold up big time placard so everyone knows when his time

is up

·      Maybe we can pull him off stage with an enormous hook…

§  Point of information – he does have an event at 7:30 he needs to be at

upstate so he does not have unlimited time.

·      Cara – maybe we can use band as timekeeper – play speakers off the


o   Uptwinkles all around!

·      Q: Who cares if speakers go over?

o   A: we need to start breaking equipment down at 7 to be totally out of

Foley by 8. It will be cold. Courtesy to other speakers.

·      Rebecca: Let’s make it clear that no speaker will promote a

political party or candidate. Have MCs restate it, make sure everyone knows

·      More comments about Russell Simmons, how to keep speakers short and

on point…

·      Comment: We are not a political movement. We have no political

agenda. Our only issue is ending corporate personhood.

·      RMO will lead us on the march from Zuccotti to Foley

·      Aaron’s report back:

o   We need a time estimate from Rev. Billy so we know how long they plan

for invocation – right now he has them down for 10 min.

§  Jason – I’ll tell him to do 7-10 min.

o   And we need to know if Russell Simmons can start after Rev. Billy. If

Rev. Billy has 10 min. and we have 2 min for MC, then RS won’t start until

6:12. Will he storm off in a huff?

§  Jarrett – he can wait to start at 6:12. We’ll make it work.

o   Do we want Mendez to speak? We are having other councilmember’s speak

so seems like a double standard… Mendez has accepted the invite. We don’t

know if it’s been withdrawn.

§  Melina – let’s open stack on the issue of having politicians speak.

·      Jason: point of info – Rev Billy’s choir will march with us and THEN

do the invocation.

o   Response: they are welcome to march but not perform because RMO is


·      Jack – an assemblyman might give him a letter to read

o   Response: we already had a conversation about whether we want to

incorporate politicians and we already have more than we need.

·      Melina – two women active in the group have autonomously invited

city council members. Creates complications for us. Personally would rather

have them present in support but not speaking because they have regular

opportunities to be on stage and talk

·      Bill – agrees with Melina. Three councilmembers are now involved and

we want to dissuade them from speaking but we don’t want to be rude.

·      Aaron – has reservations about withdrawing invites to people who are

supportive. If we withdraw on any one politician we have to withdraw on all

of them. Real q is not about whether they already have opportunity to

speak, is about whether they are politicians or not. We have room in

schedule for all of them.

o   We have an avg. of 5 min. 20 seconds per person including 2

councilmembers (the 3rd would speak during the march)

·      Jarrett – we need to support the politicians who are fighting for

things we agree with. But group decided by consensus that we don’t want to

do that. I had already invited Levin. We didn’t know Anne had already

invited Mendez. We should just have her explain to Mendez that she didn’t

have authority to invite her.

·      Rick: Carne Ross, the author of the Leaderless Revolution is willing

to talk.

·      Naomi: rude to uninvited them, esp. some but not others – let’s have

them all get up on stage together, give them a round of applause for

passing resolution in council, and give them 1 or 2 minutes to say they are

happy to be part of this movement.

·      Rebecca: alternative idea – let’s have a people’s mic session after

the rally and have them speak there. So they are on same level as everyone


·      Jack: this weekend we were at CWU, politicians were there, they each

gave little speeches under 2 minutes.

·      John: wants people to rethink this a little bit. Were here because

corporations have stepped on our rights, why do we want to step on rights

of politicians? We’ll make it clear to them that they are there to support

us and support an amendment. No need to lock out potential allies and


·      Barbara: rude to uninvited people. I like Naomi’s suggestion and

Rebecca’s idea. There are ways we can deal with it besides uninviting


·      Emily: rude to uninvited people who have already accepted. If we

combine them and give them 3 min. to speak on money in politics and

corporate personhood.

·      Melina: I’m hearing general agreement we don’t want to uninvited

them, there’s some way to work with this. Consensus?

o   Uptwinkles all around! Consensus that we will not uninvited anyone has

been reached!

·      Aaron: consensus is always open to further consensus. We don’t have

to decide whether we already came to consensus. Also, let’s vote on Naomi’s

proposal. Also, in addition to/instead of Naomi’s proposal, think tank can

facilitate think tank in the park and incorporate politicians on stack.

Finally, let’s discuss proposal of Carne Ross because he’s a fantastic

speaker, member of OWS, used to be politican but not anymore, if we combine

3 politicians we have time for him.

§  Melina – overview of proposals: 1) think tank at Zuccotti, 2) three of

them on stage, 3) one at park and two on stage. Makes more sense to keep 3

together à uptwinkles.

§  Jarrett: just FYI I told Levin he’d be the only politician. But is fine

to tell him that other invitations were actually issued.

§  Melina: so how about we invite them into think tank, and give the 3 of

them a short amount of time.

§  Cara: move to vote on Naomi’s and Aaron’s proposals.

·      Jarret: let’s give them 6 minutes so we can say 2 minutes each.

·      Uptwinkles all around. Consensus. Yay!

·      Jason – talked to liaison

-minutes continued after brief technical issues!

-everyone is ok with including carne  ross. but speakers are still up

in the air, we still have invites out and more speakers who might come

on board. so if there’s time on the day let’s include him. we can

leave it up to committee dealing with schedule and speakers.

-melina: let’s let him know by tomorrow (1/19) so he has time to

prepare something.

-Next topic: how much lead time do we need for J21 fliers?

       -Sally: we decided to hand out fliers on saturday that will all be

the same except one section on back specific to particular buildings

we will be near. How much time do we need to make lots of copies?

       -Cara would like to get the final versions by tonight.

       -Sally: I don’t have the info for fossil fuels or pharma yet. Can we

do banking and telecom tonight, and give you fossil fuels and pharma

tomorrow? Cara: yes. get them to me ASAP.

-what is status of union outreach?

       -Jarret: we have head from CWA - the only union that has come out

against corporate personhood. Jason is in talks with them trying to

get president to speak. Would rather have him than Carne Ross if he

agrees to speak. We need to have unions challenging corporate

personhood because overturning CU affects unions as well as

corporations. Uptwinkles.

       -we’ve been trying to reach out to SEIU, TWU, teamsters, and other

unions but haven’t had responses. Probably because CWA is only union

to come out against Citizens United.

       -q: what exactly are we asking of the unions? a: for people to come

out and have a presence at this action. getting bodies.

-aaron: we have requested legal observers from NLG. we don’t have

confirmation but he expects we’ll have them. because they’re

volunteers, they just send a blast in the morning asking for

volunteers, so we can’t get "confirmation" in advance. confident they

will be there on both friday and saturday.

-we have marshals committed for the saturday march but we need 3-5

more. let’s reach out to friends and contacts and recruit. let’s also

get people to volunteer for friday march

       -friday volunteers: naomi, derrick and sally.

       -Jack: I volunteer to be a walking dead corporation.

-We still need someone to hold up timecard for the whole time people

are speaking on Friday.

       -Jason might possibly be willing to be timekeeper. We will ask on the


-Q:  Aaron, can you print chants and songs?  A: Yes, I can print 100,

if you send them by Thursday morning.

-Lights and stage: we need to pay $200 for equipment and help setting

up and breaking down. Can we each give $10? Uptwinkles.

       -Lily -- my husband does this for a living. He can be liaison with

these volunteers.

       - Barbara has a generator - but it won’t be big enough for what we

need and we will trust these professional volunteers.

       -We still need two more microphones and stands. Sally can get us one

or two mics. Andre might have one too.

-Next up: warm beverages!

       -Tomorrow at 8pm in 60 Wall is the next kitchen meeting. We need

someone there to request 500 servings of hot chocolate and tea at

Foley Sq by 5:45 on Friday, and Saturday coffee and hot chocolate for

250 in City Hall park and cups. Who can go to the meeting?

       - Lily can go! Yay!

- Aaron wants to just decide on schedule and not have to have a huge

conversation about it.

       -Sally: let’s delegate it to small group of people.

       - Jarrett, Melina, Anthony, Cara, Barbara, and Jason want to be on

this email.

-Who should be OWS speaker?

       -Aaron asked Alexis. She is in a few working groups, women’s caucus

but especially Occupy the SEC. Working on a public comment letter on

the Volcker Rule - really into the nitty gritty of money in politics.

       - Itzhak - OWS doesn’t have spokespeople so let’s be sure not to

introduce as such.  Also, lobbying is a different issue than putting

money in politics - do we want to get into this at all?

               - Naomi - not an issue, Alexis isn’t going to discuss her

work in

Occupy the SEC, just Citizens United and corporate personhood.

               -Alexis - I haven’t written anything yet, and am happy to

step back

or to take a list of talking points or say something prepared. But one

idea i have is to talk facts about amount of money going to specific

PACS and candidates now vs. before CU and before McCain Feingold.

               -Jarrett - wants to hear OWS speaker not just give facts,

but tie in

corporate personhood to OWS more widely and to them individually.

       -Melina - important to tie it into humanity in general. The human

element of why are we all here in cold?

       -Everyone wants Alexis to talk? Uptwinkles all around!

-Melina: On Saturday, when we’re on subway cars, we can use that time

and space to educate people. We talked about one person sharing a

story, others echoing through people’s mic. Can use Andre’s factoids

about the justices who voted for citizens united and Cara’s info on

"super pacs and the corporations who love them." -- juicy things to

share on the train

       -Cara: Jennifer might be making info packets to give out on subways.

Will find out the details from her.

       - Aaron and Jarrett will lead this action on two subway cars - we

will find a third person on the day if need be.

- Aaron: let’s get on outreach. Also my friend David the playwright

wrote some monologues including some of corporations. Let’s use em!

- Barbara: I need specific facts for press releases for these actions.

-Sally: this action is in conjunction with stuff happening across the

US. Wants to run it past everyone that it’s ok with everyone to say in

both actions that we’re in conjunction with Move to Amend and Public

Citizen. Do we want to acknowledge organizations that have helped us?

       -Yes, it’s fine with everyone to acknowledge them as long as we don’t

word it like they’re a sponsoring organization. Let’s say "in

solidarity with…." Uptwinkles.

-Melina - was working with OWS Design to create some beautiful signs

that would create impact - two options that read "corrosive indecent

repeal corporate personhood."

       - people don’t like "corrosive indecent" -- alternative idea:

"Corporations are not people. Money is not speech."

       - Aaron just printed 100 11x17 posters that he emailed out

       -Jarrett is hoping for posters from Public Citizen

-let’s have followup meeting after these actions! we will decide on a

date later. 

Minutes from 1/15/12 meeting in the Atrium @ 60 Wall St.

Action items left unassigned:

   - Need coordinator, multiple volunteers to bring cardboard and

markers to City Hall for signmaking at noon on J21

Action items assigned to individuals:

- Jarret: Find out how long Reverend Billy & Choir need for their

invocation & song

- Jarret: Coordinate with NLG about permit for J20 at Foley

- Anthony and Lorraine: Point for stage, lighting, sound equipment,

transport, setup

    - Secure backup plans for each of these items

    - Anyone with information on event production, insurance, rental,

etc, contact:

- Aaron: Secure a backup location for J20 rally

- Aaron: Coordinate NLG observers for both J20 and J21

- Aaron: Speaker logistics (arrival time, handlers, etc)

    - If you have been in contact with a speaker, please CC Aaron

- Cara: public outreach (canvassers, websites, etc)

    - She and Jason need volunteers to handle fliers


- Melina is coordinating a list of "scouts" for J21: Jim, Frank, Naomi, Derrick

- Melina is coordinating speakers for J21

   - Members of clergy interested in speaking about Bank of America,

Melina will coordinate with Michael from OccupyFaith

- Arlene? Followup with MoveOn, MoveToAmend, etc

- Sarah is coordinating J21 information fliers

- Barbara, is coordinating Moynihan meeters/greeters


EndCorporatePersonhood meeting, 01.15.2012

Facilitator: Melina

Minutes:  Aaron

Stack: Jarrett

Time:  Andre

Agenda items:

   1. Speakers + schedule

       - Q: How long does Billy need?

       - Concern expressed about the length of the rally (1hr)

       - How do we select the Occupier speaker?

       - Proposal: We don’t need an additional Occupier besides the MC

           - Tabled to end of meeting

       - Proposal: Limit to 3-7 minutes in our guidelines

           - Agreed

   2. J20 rally logistics

       - Permits for Foley Square still outstanding: both assembly

and amplification

           - NLG on this

           - Backup location?

           - ACTION: We need volunteers to guide people in case there

is a higher arrestability to this action

       - Speakers, stage, lights

           - Anthony & Lorraine are bottom-lining stage, generator,

lights, setup & transportation

           - ACTION: We need backup plans for all of these items

       - Outreach to the public

           - Cara is bottom-lining

       - Not discussed:

           - Outreach to Unions?

           - Moynihan greeters?

           - Cardboard + markers?

   3. J21 march logistics

       - Outreach

           - Sarah brought this to justice united

           - 3/400 fliers have gone out already

           - ACTION:  We need more volunteers to hand out fliers

       - Melina is coordinating a list of scouts: Jim, Frank, Naomi, Derrick

       - Occupy Faith is having a press conference at City Hall, will

start at ~11:45am, dovetail with our event

           - They want us to invite people to join their press

conference, so show up at 11:45am

       - Potential involvement of RMO, offer was extended, unclear

       - Informational fliers

           - Sarah is coordinating this, creating informative fliers

               - (either one for each site or multiple corporations

on one flier, will work on this)

           - Cara offers printing resources

           - Jim offers to set up a central repository for informative links

       - Speakers / contributors


           - Members of clergy?

               - ACTION: Melina will coordinate with Michael

       - Individuals at static locations

           - ACTION:  Volunteers needed, contact Melina

       - Request to share corporation research on the notepad at

           - Alternately, email directly to Jason:

       - Not discussed:

           - City hall greeters?

               - Cardboard + markers?

   4. NLG Observers

       Aaron will bottom-line reserving these

           - Must coordinate with Melina about anticipated numbers of

attendees and distance of Saturday march


the fifth meeting minutes

Minutes from 1/6/12 meeting in the Atrium @ 60 Wall St.




















Melina reviewed the two actions we have planned

First:          Move To Amend Occupy the Courts action 1/20/12, 5 – 7 PM

Rally and march from Moynihan Court House on 500 Pearl to Foley Sq

Second:  Occupy the Corporations action 1/21/12, 1-3 PM

People with signs and flyers outside corporate outlets, converge on

central location at end, possibly a moving march from location to

location during action.

We also review the resolution that passed the NYCGA & the passage of

another resolution in the NY City Council.  Talked a little – and

decided to talk more later – about what to do next.

Action Logistics:

Friday rally:

We have permits to be at 500 Pearl St. from 5 to 6, and Foley from 6

to 7.

Speakers – We’d like Judges Jed Rakoff & Karen Smith.  Ellen & Sally

will see if they can get good contact info for them.  Chen will reach

out to OWS Legal to see if they have contact.

There was discussion about whether or not to invite politicians.

With significant feeling that we shouldn’t, we decided not to issue

any more invitations to them, but, since an invitation has already

been issued to Steve Levin, of the Progressive Caucus of the City

Council, we will see what he says.  If he accepts, we will suggest

strongly that he speak about next steps to further the cause.  Maybe

we can get away here with just thanking the Progressive Caucus, not

letting them speak.

We have gotten responses with interest from Chris Hedges and Rev.

Billy. (Hedges contact moving partly through David Cobb of Move to


We have tried to contact Stephen Colbert & Michael Moore, but have had

no response.

Other ideas:  Matt Taibi, people who have been directly harmed by the

Citizens United decision or the doctrine of corporate personhood.

Anyone who has contacts or knows of people who might fit the last

category (harmed by CU) please let us know.

Promotion - Two orgs against personhood were mentioned here:

Restore Democracy – (This is the title of a petition to Obama at the

White House petition site to Restore Democracy by ending Corporate

Personhood.  I can’t find another reference.)

POCLAD.  Ellen will contact POCLAD & see if they can help us.

Program - We asked the Direct Action people if they saw this as a

venue for them.  They felt the formal rally was not, but we discussed

the early part at Moynihan as a possible place for it.  JACK discussed

the popularity of the sign “I’ll believe corporations are people when

Texas executes one!” at various OWS events and volunteered to

impersonate a corporation and be hanged.  Maikel suggested a heavy-

handed lawman combing the crowd asking people if they are corporations

– in order to find one to execute.  We also talked about signs here.

We felt it would be great to have ones that pointed up the differences

between corps & people – no belly button, corp can’t donate organs,

etc.  A Truth and Reconciliation Commission - style confessional was

suggested, as well as a beauty contest type event to find the worst

corporate offender.

Does anyone have music contacts?  Melina will do research on OWS

Benefit album & see if there’s anyone to ask there.  Jason will ask

Rev. Billy about his choir when he talks to him.  Chen will contact

the Rude Mechanical Orchestra.

We also talked about having a sign-making station at the Moynihan part

of this rally, so people can make their own signs.   Chen will either

get a permit for, or find out about having materials there.  We could

have a blank banner that people sign and decorate – then use it on


Promotion Again - Press team – will anyone join?  Jason will

coordinate.  Lorraine will help.  Chen needs a timeline on this.  We

would like to finalize stuff in order to send out press next week.

Chen & Melina will figure out a timeline for the press.

Possible press – can we contact Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzalez?

Possible networks to publicize through - Can we get the MoveOn list?

What about Working Families Party?

We will have 200 – 300 flyers printed by next week’s meeting.  Jason

will bring them to the meeting.  The flyer is also available online if

anyone wants to print their own.  Melina will send a pdf to Ellen.

Saturday Action:

Signs & Banners - Jason is heading signs and banners, but needs

someone else.  He has filled out forms w/ DA painters, but has not

heard back.  The screen printers know about this.  He asked for fabric

donations for screen printing, but got none.  He would also like to

put the Monopoly man graphic on balloons to bring in kids.  Chen has

access to screen printing, but we would have to pay for ink.  How will

fabric pieces be displayed?  Pinned on people, glued to signs?

Madeline of DA said that the best looking signs were the home-made

ones – this led into idea of a sign-making station on Friday.  Ideas:

“People pay for their mistakes, why not corporations?”  We need giant

banners.  Jason said Athena could bring giant banner.


Ideas suggested:  Bank of America, 72nd St. next to Trader Joe’s;  GE

Bldg in Rockefeller Center, where we could suggest that GE is a person

with multiple personalities, Manhattan Mall at 34th & 6th (possibly

multiple personalities again);  BP gas station, Houston between

Lafayette & Broadway; locations near City Hall park to pick up on City

Hall Park Rally happening 11 – 1:  Verizon store on Broadway, BOA @

Warren & B’way, Chase Bank @ B’way & Fulton;  Union Square:  Verizon

store 2 blocks north, BOA on southwest corner of Union Sq.

New Ideas:  ATT;  Newscorps;  Apple store in Grand Central;   indoor

atria in case of bad weather


We discussed stable locations vs a moving march and decided that we

would like to have a few stable locations (with a minimum number of

people to guard against police harassment) and then converge on a

central location, plus a moving march – or possibly more - that move

around within fairly small areas, then end at the central location.

This depends on having enough people.  We could schedule people who

sign up to be at specific places – then have a location for the

beginning of the event where others could converge & be assigned a

spot.  We figured that we should have at least 50 people from the ones

we knew about already.

Outreach – everyone was encouraged to go to

to sign up so that we can start planning around numbers.

Both Events:


We felt that we should go ahead unless we had a blizzard, in which

case, the Friday event could be wrapped into the Saturday event.  We

will talk more about this on the google group.  Storycorp has a

trailer in Foley Sq. that might be able to be used.  Madeline has a

contact with them & will pursue.  Participation in the Saturday event

requires an RSVP at this point, since locations aren’t posted.  This

gives a way to notify about weather, with a 24 hr. previous decision

point.  We can also notify through twitter.  There should be a phone #

contact for the day.

Research & Writing

We need factoids about bad corporations:  short items that are sourced

that can be inserted wherever we need them – not links to articles,

but short facts.  Lorraine & Derek said they would work on that.

Jason has a list on notepad.  The flyer should emphasize “What will

you do?” to let people know they have to get involved.

Both Events:

Then we talked about next steps:  a ballot initiative in NYC & a push

toward the state legislature were discussed.  Ellen said that

Bloomberg will never allow an NYC ballot initiative & has the power to

stop it.  Itzhak pointed out that that’s a beautiful place to pressure

- the campaign to make Bloomberg give way would be focused and clear.

Next meeting:  Wednesday, Jan. 11th, 7 – 9 PM, 60 Wall St. Atrium

the fourth meeting minutes

Minutes from 12/29 meeting in the public lobby @ 120 park ave. 

(across from grand central @ 42nd st.) 








Sally Swisher 





First topic – Move To Amend Occupy the Courts action 1/20/12 

Jarret  has applied for permits that will allow us to assemble at 500 

Pearl starting at 4 PM, rally there ‘til 5:45, then march to Foley 

Square around the fountain and rally there with speakers until 7 PM. 

Rev. Billy has been contacted & is in discussion. 

Jason & Melina are point people for inreach – contacting people in 

OWS.  Notes about what’s going on will be on

Everyone should be doing outreach, but two above are point. 

Barbara will write press release.  Coordinate with Anne. 

Jason reported that Direct Action accepted his proposal as supportable 

12/29.  His proposal had to do with both days, I believe.  15 people 

from that group wanted to be involved.  There was no info on whether 

they wanted to be involved in planning or just to come that day. 

Andre is good contact from there – involved in occupy the SEC. 

Occupy Cinema and the Glass Bead Collective have been contacted by 


Chen offered to do Facebook listings. 

Second topic – Announcements:  Demos & Gallery 

Demos is having a breakfast with Bob Herbert & Jeff Clements, the 

author of “Corporations Are Not People” Thu. Jan. 12th 8 AM at Demos - 

220 Fifth Ave., 5th Fl.  RSVP on website. 

From Jan 4th a gallery will feature a show on corporate personhood. 

Jason has details. 

Third topic – Resolution for OWS GA & NYC Council Resolution 

Chen has written a resolution for the NYCGA that we will ask them to 

adopt at next meeting on New Year’s Eve.  The NY City Council Website 

has the proposed Council Resolution.  We have been invited & will be 

present at rally & press conference Jan. 4th. 

Tim is presenting to the OWS Politics & Electoral Reform OWS working 


Then we went back to discuss the Fri. rally at Foley & going to Pearl 

St.  Kim reported that we can’t be within 500’ of the court when it’s 

in session, which complicates timing.  We felt that permitting & 

agenda need to be responsive to the participants.  Speakers need to be 

short and clear. 

Regarding audio equipment & lights, Lorraine & Anthony said they would 

talk to 1199, 32BJ & TWU about audio.  Sally said she would ask IATSE 

Local 700. 

Fourth topic – Occupy the Corps Sat. Jan. 21st. 

We set the time for 1 PM to 3 PM.    There will be people with signs 

stationed at as many locations as we can staff holding signs and 

passing out flyers. 

Direct Action at OWS was interested and would like to do a moving 

procession – maybe from location to location and end up in a central 

location – Times Square for example. 

People from all locations should converge on the central location to 

do a visible central rally. 

The flyer should have connection to tax break outrage.  BP Gas 

station, Houston & Bway, GE Bldg, Rockefeller center, Comcast - 

possible locations 

Next meeting, Fri., Jan. 6th 5 PM – 7 PM.

the third meeting minutes:

Against Corporate Personhood Meeting, Dec. 11, 2011, 60 Wall Street, 5 



Attendance: Jarret, Anne, Karen, Barbara, Michelle, Bill, Jason, 

 Julia, Sally, Emily, Melina. Late: Lily, Ali, Adam, Chen. 


Update: Occupy the Courts will take place Jan. 20, Occupy the 

 Corporations will take place Jan. 21. 


Occupy the Courts: Sally and Melina visited the courthouses. They 

 recommend Foley Square or the State Supreme Court as locations for 

 Jan. 20. The event will take place in the afternoon, probably at 4 or 

 5.  Julia asked who the target is. There was some discussion of 

 whether this will be a fixed point rally or involve people marching 

 (which would avoid arrests if there is no permit). Jarret proposed 

 that we meet at Pearl Street at the Federal Court then march to the 

 Thurgood Marshall Federal Courthouse. A temperature check on Jarret’s 

 suggestion was taken—mixed yes and maybe. A question was raised of how 

 many people would attend? Anne suggested we need to do outreach to 

 other groups we have contacts with to bring out as many people as 

 possible. Bill said he wanted to check out the locations. Lily stated 

 there is enough time to get a permit. We discussed a possible tie-in 

 to a local resolution. Sally suggested it was unlikely we could get a 

 resolution introduced before Jan. 21. Emily stated she knows a friend 

 of Jessica Lappin’s who could find out if she supports the idea. 

 Melina stated the symbolism of the Federal Court is important but the 

 state court is better visually. Jarret stated the size of the crowd is 

 not the most important thing; this is a national action and it is 

 imperative we have some type of presence even if it’s not as large as 

 we would like. No decision was made about the location(s). 


City Council Resolution: Anne summarized the plan: Everyone needs to 

 send her their City Council District and contact info, which she will 

 put into an Excel Spreadsheet (email The 

 Excel document will be circulated so people see who else is in their 

 District. On Sunday at 11 a.m. at 60 Wall Street she will conduct a 

 training to prepare people for meeting with Council Members. Anne 

 suggested it might be impossible for us to all agree on a model 

 resolution but there were several model resolutions we can show to the 

 Council Members such as the LA resolution, Move to Amend’s suggested 

 resolution and Public Citizen’s suggested resolution. Jason suggested 

 giving Council members historical background. Lily said she will 

 distribute info from the Move to Amend website. Michelle suggested US 

 Sen. Bernie Sanders’ office might be able to help with background 

 info. Sally suggested we need to start working on this right away and 

 Anne concurred. Chen said if she was a city council member, she would 

 want to see a variety of resolutions before making a decision. Sally 

 agreed that council members will want to decide on the details 



Adam announced that he is starting a Move to Amend affiliate for New 



Occupy the Corporations: Sally said there will be signs saying things 

 like “Is this a person?” outside of corporate outlets. Jason is making 

 a publicity flyer. Sally said we will need to make informational 

 flyers to give to people, perhaps advocating for them to call their 

 council member to support a local resolution. Melina suggested 

 different locations around the city should be used and we should 

 brainstorm for locations. Jason suggested this could be a recurring 



Sally distributed some information about Big Apple Coffee Party’s 

 “Don’t Do Koch” campaign.


the second meeting minutes:

Minutes from 11/30/11 meeting in the Atrium @ 60 Wall St. 




Josh (drifted away & doesn’t want to join us further) 

Emily Pearlman 

Sally Swisher 

Lily Kelly 

Cornelius (drifted away & I don’t know if he wants to join us further) 




First topic – Move To Amend Occupy the Courts action 1/20/12 

We need to find out about a location.  The Federal Court building in 

Foley Square is closed for renovations.  Federal court is possibly now 

being held at 500 Pearl Street (behind the main court house on Foley 

Square – across the street from Columbus Park).  We have a lot of 

questions – is the court being held anywhere else in the city, what is 

the street traffic like in any of these locations or would the steps 

of the main (closed) court house be better? 

Lily said she would look into a permit for the Court House steps or 

the street – or Foley Square.  What types of permits are available, 

what’s the cost, etc.? 

We talked about the video option of a flash mob doing a song based on 

Beyonce’s Run the World (Girls) for a while.  It’s possibly do-able. 

Jarret has written some good lyrics.  We could have some guys in 

business suits singing “Corporations run the world” & maybe a chorus 

of Supremes in black robes (choir robes?)  This could be part of 

program for a rally/occupy the court action on the 20th. 

Then we talked about the chalk bombing idea (chalking “Is This A 

Corporation?” outside of corporate outlets.  There were difficulties – 

legality, possibility of chalking in snow or rain.   Alternately, we 

figured people could stand or walk outside of those outlets with a 

sign with the message, passing out a flyer or pamphlet.  This would be 

similar to action called for by Public Citizen and would happen on the 

actual anniversary, 1/21/11. 

Jason talked about the possibility of doing something where we tried 

to find the person that a corporation is – possibly to try to arrest 

them.  This could be a video – but isn’t heavily formulated so we sort 

of left it there – maybe later. 

We talked about trying to get the City Council members who have been 

involved in OWS (Jumani Williams, Ysidrio Rodriguez, Mellissa Mark- 

Viverito) involved in getting a resolution passed by the Council.  If 

they’re interested, we could possibly kick off a drive to get this 

accomplished at the action on the 20th – and put them on the program 

for that activity. 

We decided to do the Saturday activity for sure.  Sally will be 

organizational point person.  Jason will be involved with flyer & is 

interested in projections (don’t know exactly how we would want to use 

this yet).  Melina will be involved in picking locations for it. 

We decided that we were very interested in the Fri. action and would 

like to do it if at all possible.  A flash mob might be too 

complicated to organize so soon but we can just have a rally.  Jarret 

and Lily will be point people for it. 

Jarret, Lily & Kim will work on outreach for both events.  Sally is 

getting contact info for Rev. Billy to find out if he would be 

interested in the Fri. event. 

Our next meeting will be Dec. 11th, 5 PM at the Atrium. 

Taken by Sally.  Edited by Jarret. 

the first meeting minutes:

Minutes from November 9th, 2011 meeting, the Atrium @ 60 Wall St. 

7:00-7:30p – Gathering and snacks. General introductions. 

7:30-7:50p – Conference call 

8:00-8:10p – Formal introductions: 

Jarret Wolfman 

Daniela Gioseffi – author of In Bed with the Exotic Enemy and On 

Prejudice: A Global Perspective 




Karin Hofmann – “The constitution is my bible.” 



Frank from Pittsburgh 







8:10-8:40p – Brainstorming Direct-Action ideas 

Al – “I have a radical idea for the employed and unemployed!” Al 

called for a mass, general strike on January 21st. 

Daniela – Call-In Day – straight to finding ways to get ‘it’ on the 

ballot in New York state. Find out how to get it on the ballot. 

Petitions, digital democracy, Q&A regarding Corporate Personhood. 

Karin – we must solely concentrate on putting pressure on NY state 

legislators. The momentum is there and it’s already time to move to 

direct change in policies and politics. A bill must be introduced that 

the others will have to vote for as a big lead up to January 21st. 

Sally – Big Apple Coffee Party has events (i.e. Open Mic) that we 

should coordinate with. 

Al – The way to gain momentum is a mechanical advantage illustrated by 

physics.  To get people on board we must hit them where they have no 

tolerance for absence : the medical field. Physicians and healthcare 

workers need to strike. 

Emily/Daniela – Occupy the Courts (Move to Amend) on Friday, January 

20th including Supreme Court as a catalyst for public dialog and 


Frank – Chalk bombing outside of corporations. Such phrases as “Is 

this a person?” outside of McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc.  Can also be 

done at a protest in Delaware where a majority of corporations have 

their headquarters. (“Are you giving birth to corporations?”) 

June – We need to get to the “voiceless” of the 99% and engage them in 

conversation and dialog. The busboys, bartenders, janitors, etc… 

Melina – coordinating efforts with any outreach groups who might 

already exist to help with June’s idea listed above. 

Jason – sourcewatch has info. ALEC (American Legislative Executive 

Council .

They should be targeted. 

Al – We should Occupy major news stations and media outlets. (i.e. 

outside during the Today Show, Good Morning America, etc.) 

Frank – Humor disarms. Often people are overloaded with info. heavy 

handouts, posts, etc…we should have some humorous propaganda to 

enlighten and still inform. 

Jarret – Coordinate/stage/film a performance of a parody of Beyonce’s 

“Run The World (Girls)” named “Run The World (Corporations)” on the 

steps of the Courthouse. Make it viral. 

8:40-8:50p – Conversed about various ideas and their practicality/ 


8:50-9:00p – Voted on direct-action ideas. Chalking, Occupy the Courts 

and flash mob got most votes. 

9:00p - Decided next meeting November 30th, 7-9pm in the Atrium @ 60 

Wall St.  Google group would be created and invitations sent out. 

Taken by Franco.  Edited by Jarret.