UK Flood Help February 2014

Hacks we've made

Real Time Web Based Flood Monitoring & Text / Email Alerts


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Flood Feeder (Nominet Trust Grant Winner)

Description: Aggregation tool. Visual construction of an aggregated feed of flood data & related data (geographic granularity, warnings, alerts, cell phone mast locations, transport routes, & any others!).

Flood Visualizer

Description: It shows on Google maps the data about floods and allows interactive navigation based on some parameters

Team: Francesco Puppini

Oxford Flood Network

Bootstrapping... People affected by flooding


Team: Siôn Williams (@sequencefree), James Cope (@unconfined), Karen Barber (@klbarber), George van den Driessche


Handy online tool to get initial idea of flood effect based on elevation only. Displays flood map based on only elevation data from NASA’s SRTM.  Email:


Real Time Web Based Flood Monitoring & Text / Email Alerts


Emergency assistant

Simple to use app/notice board allowing users to connect and exchange goods and services needed. 

Initial idea 

About the event