Texas Seed Law



Location of Seed Law:

At least one law is at Texas Administrative Code, Title 4, Part 1, Chapter 9 - Seed Quality

RULE §9.3 - Vegetable Seed

(a) A person may not sell, offer, expose, or otherwise distribute for sale vegetable seed for planting purposes in this state unless such person first obtains a Vegetable Seed License from the department.

RULE §9.2 - Agricultural Seed

any person who sells, offers, exposes, or otherwise distributes for sale agricultural seed within this state for planting purposes shall pay an inspection fee

Texas Seed and Plant Certification Act (and regulations)

Comment: seems this section is full of regulations for certified seeds and seems Texas is a center of certified seed, CA, NE, IA don’t have such extensive rules as far as i can see if that is any indication. Also more universities involved in certification and regulatory bodies than other above mentioned states.