800-961-1963-Know Your Norton Security Deluxe 2016

If you want to learn that how fast your computer system can get infected, it takes not so long to get into your computer system if an advanced anti-virus software program is not in place. Symantec is best known for providing a high-class antivirus suite with advanced features and applications. It comes up with contemporary solution every time whenever a new or sophisticated malware comes in. 

Norton Deluxe 2016 is the latest offering from the developer, having scores of advanced features and tools that you can use to give a reliable protection to your computer system and data files. With a constant and unfailing protection promise, Norton Deluxe 2016 leaves no stone unturned while fighting against potential problems. Since the product is a newly-introduced product, you can also visit support for Norton® page for having more information on Norton Security Deluxe 2016

Here are some key attractions of Norton Deluxe 2016 antivirus product that you should understand before you put the software in place for 360-degree protection against all possible threats: 


It can be used on up to five personal computer systems. Not confined to a single platform, it can best be used for Macs, Smartphone or tablets as well. 


·        Best rated for its technical capability to block malicious websites 

·        Offering the most reliable anti-phishing features 

·        Robust and reliable protection for Smartphone (iOS/Android)

·        Specific tool for personalizing the performance

·        Protected password management

·        Can best be used for up to 5 devices

·        Constant accessibility to Norton customer help service from third-party technicians as well


·        Confined to the limited protection for iOS devices

·        No Parental control

·         The computer system gets slowed down in course of the full scan

As far as some common technical problems are concerned – what you had once experienced with the previous editions – Norton Deluxe 2016 comes in with some advanced capabilities that you can use to overcome all types of issues in a while. But it is worthwhile to dial support phone number for Norton® if your Norton is at risk and not fixed through the conventional methods what you have been applying to the antivirus software. 

If we have a glance at the new features, they are as follow:

·        Performance optimization

·        Advanced troubleshooting

·        Security features powered by “Master Password”

·        High-end security feature against sophisticated malware programs

So, if you want to ensure the utmost protection to your important data files against possible malware attack, you would better go for the latest Norton Deluxe 2016 that includes scores of new security features. But for a better outcome, you should stay in touch with independent tech support for Norton for quick services.