Capitol Hill Session 2

Capitol Hill (MGH 254) - Session 2

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Title: Mindfulness in the Workplace

Presenter(s): Bridget and Michelle


Official Notes:

Mindfulness: "A mental state achieved by focussing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations" - Google definition

Background with Mindfulness

Bridget is interested in this for work, her team, and her personal life. Sees the benefit of this 

Michelle considers mindfulness helpful for considering how her actions impact her work and her team. She’s taught yoga and meditation, and has spent a lot of time contemplating this within her own life.  Personally, her practices have helped her become aware of her own thoughts and sensations. She wants to be able to share this with others.

Some people in the session have some experience with yoga. One person works in Office Fitness - wrote a blog post about mindfulness as the "swiss army knife" of office fitness

Connection between Agile and Mindfulness:

Anyone doing any kind of deep works, needs to be able to focus on one thing without being interrupted. Scope creep and interruptions will overwhelm any team or individuals. There are always more requests than people to work on them. The concept behind Scrum and KanBan is to restrict the amount of work available to the group, to allow workers to approach one thing at a time. By chunking, it allows workers to focus on one task at a time - allowing them to filter out the noise and work on one thing at a time. 

What does mindfulness mean to you? 

What problems do we want to tackle with mindfulness?


How can you create a workplace culture that encourages people to use these techniques

Spheres of Mindfulness


Collaborative Notes:

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David Levy’s page:

David Levy’s book:

(The "emotional safety" article) "What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team":

Tools that track activity:

Article in Windows IT Pro on Delve analytics (Part of some Office 365 licenses). It displays dashboard of your activities

Photos of the Whiteboard: