Missouri Seed Law

Text of Missouri State Seed Law (Aug. 2014)

Missouri Revised Statutes §§ 266.011–266.111.


WE NEED TO CHANGE THIS LAW! The Missouri Seed Law does not define "sell" or "for sale," leaving seed libraries’ legal obligations unclear. Even if Missouri clearly defined these terms to exclude seed libraries, still more burdensome permitting, labeling, and testing requirements might apply to seed libraries. We need to change this law to make Missouri seed libraries’ legal status clear and prevent possible seizure and fines for failure to meet unnecessarily burdensome requirements intended for commercial activities. 

266.021 Definitions

266.031.1 Permits required, fees, terms—penalty for late application.

266.051.1 Label requirements for agricultural seeds.

266.071 Sales, offers for sale and acts prohibited.

266.076 Records required—inspection—retention.

266.080 Exemptions.

266.101 Seed subject to seizure, when—proceedings—disposition of condemned seed.

266.111 Penalties for violations—attorney general to act on request, when, procedure—publication by director of result of legal action.