Washington Seed Law

Location of Seed Law

15.49 RCW  (Formerly Washington State Seed Act)



 "Dealer" means any person who distributes.

"Distribute" means to import, consign, offer for sale, hold for sale, sell, barter, or otherwise supply seed in this state.

"Person" means an individual, partnership, corporation, company, association, receiver, trustee, or agent.


Labels — Required information.

each seed label shall contain the following:

     (1) The name and address of the person who labeled the seed and who sells, offers, or exposes the seed for sale within the state;

     (2) Lot number identification;

     (3) Seed origin;

     (4) Germination rate and date of germination test or the year for which the seed was packaged for sale.

Unlawful practices. 15.49.051

Labeling and testing requirements in this chapter use the language 

"It is unlawful for any person to sell, offer for sale, expose for sale, or transport for sale..." and do not use the language of "barter" "trade" or "supply"