Hackpad Improvement Requests

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Email Updates

Privacy and Security Settings

Text Formatting

Ben R: That actually makes an empty h1, not a true horizontal line.

Rich Media Handling

Pad Search

Task Lists and Project Management

Pad Organization, Collections, and Refinding

Even though gmail uses tags instead of folders (similar to Collections) they allow nesting because it allows for easier organization and finding of information (I don’t want to see every tag at the top level). Hackpad should follow suit!

Pad Suggestion and Auto-Grouping

Presence and Real-time Notifications on Desktop and Mobile

Dropbox Sync

With possibly the same features as Dropbox Sync.

Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts

Reg, Login, and Acct Switching

Inviting Collaborators, Sharing Pads


"Comments as a separate Aspect" +3 +3 +1+1+1 -- that’s the only major missing GDocs feature that stops the fun. When we have lot of comments to the text, you can’t just display them inside the text as it’s done now, this makes impossible to just read and grasp the text. Comments should be a separate info layer, either moved totally out of text body to the side as it’s done by Google, or in case of in-body comments making foldable (and folded by default if specified in settings) sections. Comments must be able to refer to certain context (marked block) not just floating below, cause sometimes we need to comment the certain word or two, not the sentence.This feature request is based on my experience in crowd text translation. +1+1+1

Content Import and Export

-> It would be so cool for Google Apps users, cause in Gmail team members can enter something in the search field and content from a hackpad will come up, because it’s backed up in Google Drive. See the use?


Code Syntax Highlighting and Monospace


Could work in the form of a shortcut {dd/mm/yy hh:mm am duration} + @ referenced invitations. 

The timestamp syntax could re-use the org-mode one: http://orgmode.org/manual/Timestamps.html This would allow simple sync by copy/pasting between both systems.

It’s nice to get an email that someone has proposed modifications. However, if I go into hackpad having not checked email or for some reason miss the notification, there is nothing on the screen alerting me to the proposed edits. And proceeding to make other edits, the proposed changes are lost. There should be an alert on the edit summary page just as when committed edits are shown.

I love the fact that Hackpad supports Markdown formatting.  I often end up writing notes in an external text editor in Markdown, and then copying and pasting them into a pad. However, Hackpad does not parse the heading structure and I end up re-entering the headings by hand... It would be great if Hackpad had the ability to import an existing Markdown file into a pad, or recognized the formatting correctly when pasting text in. +1 +1 +1+1+1 +1!

Usage Analytics


Embedding Pads/ Social Media Sharing

For when I have an internal tool that produces a chart. I’d like to have a Hackpad that discusses that chart, and embed the chat within the hackpad, but I can’t do that right now. If you supported oEmbed, or otherwise let me create an iframe to any URL, then I would be able to. +1 



The Workspace Stream and List View

Let users create link to headings in the same pad. Now this can be achieved by creating links to external url. But this solution opens a new browser tab, which is definitely not suitable.+1+1+1+1 +1:+1:+1+1+1

iOS App

Mac App

UI / Design Minor Issues

Really really minor grievances, in no way a deal breaker at all :)

I often create Google Chrome Application short cuts for web apps like this. But unfortunately every time I go to create a new pad it opens a new window, which kind of makes the whole Application short cut idea useless. Actually I really like the Outlook like Evernote web app interface but prefer hackpad for its markdown and other cool features.


Miscellaneous Feedback

Chat Feature:


Please add chat option so that team members online at the moment can collaborate more effectively and easily.

Android/Windows Phone Application:

Hackpad on iOS/iPad is great and made teams more collaborative being mobile. Please also go for android and windows phone applications.

+1 +1 Android app

Windows8.1 Tablet App :+1: 

Speed of Application

Hackpad is slow.  When typing, there is a big lag between when my fingers hit the keyboard keys and when the letters appear on the screen.  Long Hackpads are slow to load too.  They typing speed problem seems worse the bigger the document.  Feel free to contact me to discuss.