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Welcome to the DataKind DataDive HackPad!  Here you’lil find all the info you need to keep up with our weekend event with the World Bank, UNDP, UN Global Pulse, QCRI, and UNDB, where we’ll be battling poverty and corruption!  Look below for info on logistics, the schedule for the weekend, and links to the individual projects.



Friday Night Mixer

Friday, March 15th

On Friday we all get together to hear a bit about the projects we will be working on through out the week.  It’s also a great chance to meet the other volunteers you’ll be working and you’ll have a chance to talk with many people from the World Bank about the projects.  Plus there will be snacks and drinks, not a bad way to spend your Friday night!

The DataDive

Saturday, March 16th

Saturday we’ll get to the data!  DataDivers will choose which problems they’d like to work on and form teams around their individual questions.  Each team will have a Data Ambassador assigned to them who will help advise on and manage the projects throughout the day.  We’ll have meals and keep the space open until 12AM for any late-night divers.


Final Presentations

Sunday, March 17th

This is your chance to show the world what you have done with the data!  There is no expectation of slides or other presentation materials, simply use whatever method of conveying your work to the organizations you feel is best.  This is also the chance for World Bank officials and government employees to better understand what your team did. These presentations can be single or group work, but they can be no longer than 10 minutes each.  We want to give everyone a chance to speak, and get people out at a reasonable time.


Below are the projects that DataKind is managing throughout the weekend.


Don’t feel up to the projects above?  We highly recommend that you join a team from the list above but if you’d like to work on your own or explore other problems, there is a list of miscellaneous projects that could be worked on here.

Additional Projects


Any datasets needed for the projects can be found on the individual HackPads for those projects, but additional datasets that could be used by many projects or may be of interest can be found here.

Poverty handout and background information: What is Poverty1

Fraud and corruption background information: Fraud, Corruption, and Misconduct Definitions [1]


Taking too long to get your thing done ?  We want to feed your concerns back to organizations with open data efforts. Nicholas Ursa is the anti hassle czar and will come and hear your concerns. Fill in your report here. DataKind World Bank Hassles Lis

Selected examples of government data sources on public spending include:

Fee based services with information on corporate entities





Smartlinx (Lexis Nexis);

World Check

Open corporate registries



Donor assistance data

World Bank; 

United Nations Global Marketplace:   

Asian Development Bank: 

European Union public procurement portal Tenders Electronic Daily:

German development assistance:   

International Aid Transparency Initiative: