Grower’s Nation project – Agriculture data map app 

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Progress from the USAID hack weekend:


     NASA International Space Apps Challenge, April 2012:


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Grower’s Nation project – Agriculture data map app 

Intro: The aim of the Grower’s Nation project is to develop a free to use, global map based app that will enable people to see quickly and with ease when the optimal time in their area is for planting and harvesting different produce. The app is being designed to reduce the barriers to growing by taking location, soil, climate and growing condition data into consideration and to give more people the information they need when selecting what to grow. It will be updated dependent on recent weather observations. We are also looking at the possibility of integrating weather forecasts.

The challenge: The first release of the app will be UK based, but we would love to extend its functionality to other regions of the world so that it can also be of benefit to growers in developing countries. To enable this we will need to source many open source data sets. We will also need to make sure we can keep the data as up to date as possible.

The solution:  To develop a global agricultural based mapping application to provide  accessible links to open source or freely available data sets.

We’d also like to find an accurate source of growing condition data for produce e.g. from Royal Horticultural Society/ BBC/ Kew Gardens

Key links

Grower’s Nation- conversation (task lists and discussion about the app development)

Github account: https://github.com/SelenaG/Growers-Nation

Grower’s Nation links

Project website: www.growers-nation.org 

Blog: www.growers-nation.blogspot.com 

Grower’s Nation education - forest school blog: www.growersed.blogspot.com 

Twitter page: GrowersNation

Data links

http://thedatahub.org (includes links to many open source datasets)


Benefits of the agriculture data map app


1.  A simple user interface and search functionality

2. Map overlays

World overview maps of e.g.: climate zones, agricultural land use, topography, satellite imagery.

3. Crowd sourcing data - Completed (google form)

A crowd sourcing capability to enable organisations to add their own open source data sets to the map.

4. Database requirement - Completed (google spreadsheets)

Data sets

Information about these scientific data sets would be useful for the Grower’s nation app:

This could also be a very useful app for other agronomy/ agriculture/ sociology related projects, and it would be good to include:

Skills needed


The Grower’s Nation project began as one of the challenges for the NASA International Space Apps challenge weekend in April 2012, and won the Galactic Impact prize at the International finals.  

The Grower’s nation app has the potential to reach a wide range of users, from someone new to growing produce in their back garden, to schools that are starting or maintaining allotments, to crop farmers in developing countries. We would like to develop an app that works on the web as well as mobile devices. For areas of the world where smart phone or internet access may not be possible, we are considering other options, including an SMS messaging service and providing weekly digests of the key information that can be printed out locally and provided to farmers.

Grower’s Nation - conversation