Ebola Open Data Jam: Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team mapping

Anyone can help contribute to OpenStreetMap to help with the Ebola response, whether you have experience with OpenStreetMap or not.

Getting started

Sign up for an OpenStreetMap account. If you’re new to OSM, you might want to check out LearnOSM or MapGive’s tutorials .

Making edits

Open the OSM Tasking Manager, sign in with OSM, and find tasks related to Ebola. Currently the relevant ones are:

The workflow is generally like this:

  1. Click on a task and read its description. Some tasks are looking for buildings, some are looking for roads and paths.
  2. On the map to the right, there is a grid of tasks. Pick one that is gray, click Start mapping, then Edit with iD editor.
  3. This will open a new tab in your browser where you will make edits to the map according to what is asked for in the tasking manager.
  4. Trace roads and buildings (according to the task description) using the aerial imagery.
  5. Save often. When you save, make sure you enter a descriptive message as described by the task. For example, task 672 says: "Save with credit to HotOSM. Comment the changeset with: Sierra Leone, #hotosm-ebola-672".
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 until you are relatively sure that your section of the map is done.
  7. Finally, go back to the tasking manager and click the button that says Mark task as done. The part of the grid you worked on should turn yellow.

If you can’t finish a task for whatever reason, you can always click the Unlock link in the tasking manager to let everyone know that the task is up for grabs.

More information

The OSM wiki page on the Ebola response