Revolving Door

Created 1/23/12. Developed out from the OWS End Corporate Personhood/Get Money Out of Politics WG.


(it’s more like a death-spiral than a revolving door)

Evidence/examples of a "captured" Whitehouse, Treasury Dept, etc:

Goldman Sachs 

Almost 400 former House staffers registered to lobby in last two years -

This report marks the first-ever complete study of how members of the  House of Representatives use their positions to benefit themselves and  their families -

Jon Corzine and Gary Gensler -

History of the Revolving Door

Obama Administration

Bush Administration (Carlyle Group, Saudis, Blackwater (friends), Whitehouse, CIA)

Clinton Administration

"Defense"/War Industry

Below: Iron Triangle: The Carlyle Group Exposed


("Iron Triangle" is a reference to the relationships between the Pentagon, Congress, and Industry)

Energy Industry

Education System:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Lawmakers and aides crafted Medicare Part D:

        The most prominent members of this group include:

        Less familiar names also made the leap to lobbying for the pharmaceutical industry.

Media Industry

Needs organizing:

+ Superclass(book) pgs 164/165: Burson-Marsteller - Mark Penn (married to  democratic party fundraiser) PR for H.Clinton & McDonald’s, Ford, Merck, Verizon, BP, MSoft

+ Greenberg Quinlan Rosner - Greenb married to congresswoman & PR for Monsanto, BP, Boeing

+ Berlusconi & Sarkozy pgs 156/157 of Superclass

+ pg168 Superclass: Rob Rubin cnx to IMF

+ Tom Ridge fmr gov of Penn/hmld sec & natural gas lobbyist =

+ superclass pg 149/150

+ FRIENDS: Rex W. Tillerson (Exxon ceo) & Illinois rep Dennis  Hastert = proposed drilling in Arctic wildlife refuge (superclass pg 141  & 142)

+ Condelezza Rice worked at Chevron for 10 yrs & oil tanker named after her (?)

+ Dick Cheney/halliburton/300 mostly secret energy task force meetings  with ExxonMobil, Duke, Constellation, BP, & more than 3 dozen top  industry groups & Ken Lay, Bush Enron friend who killed himself ...  Plus fed energy regulatory commission chair Patrick Wood, friend of Ken  Lay (superclass pg 141)

+ Superclass pg 133: GoldmanSuX

+ Strobe Talbott: head of Brookings Inst, former dep sec state & Time reporter -Superclass

+ Peter G Petersen Inst for Intl econ founded by former Treasury  official Fred Bergsten where term "Washington consensus" was coined.  Petersen co-founded Blackstone Group & was former Commerce secretary  & longstanding chair at CFR -Superclass

+ Soros & Peter Lewis funded Democracy Alliance whose founder is  Rich Stein, former chief of staff at Commerce dept and attorney  (-Superclass)

+ -Superclass pg 130 

+ John Snow, fmr treasury sec, Cerberus & CEO of CSX

+ Dan Quayle global chair for Cerberus or CSX & fmr board Nippon Credit Bank before takeover by Cerberus

+ Louis Gerstner, Carlyle was CEO for IBM & AmerExpress 

+ corps r not ppl book pg93 Billy Tauzin, PhRMA, John Breaux (pharma), Don Nickles pharma lobby, Thomas Scully Alston & Bird, Raissa Downs, michelle easton, john mcmanus

+ 1993 Wendy Graham chair commodity futures trading commission & later Graham left senate in 2002 to become chair at UBS Warburg

+ Frank Newman CFO for BoA became under sec of domestic finance (1993) & deputy sec ... Wrote letter to congress to postpone regulating derivitives ... then 1995 was Senior vice chair of Bankers Trust & promoted to CEO in 1996

+ Paulson head of goldman 1999-2006, treasury sec for Dumbya

+ Goldman: under-sec of Treasury Gary Ginsler under Clinton, Robert Steele under Bush ... John Corzine member of senate banking committee ... Steven Friedman (bush) dir of NEC & chair of NY Fed ... William Dudley executive@NY Fed & later president ... Joshua Bolton of OMB & chief of staff to Dumbya ... Neil Koshkari (sp?) troubled assets & relief ... Clinton: Roger Altman of Lehman bros & blackstone group

+ ExxonMobils most influential democrat = Theresa Fariello who joined fr Clinton admin Dept of energy & was for Hillary (NYer magazine)

+ Louis Finkel/Exxon lobbyist = former employee of Tennesse congressman Bart Gordon

+ Eric Holder = served as lawyer for chiquita brands international when it was charged with funding death squads in Colombia

+ Obama appt’d former Monsanto executive to FDA (?)

Lobbyist firms:

+ ML Strategies (receives 25K month fr Exxon) 


>> FYI: Many pieces of info from the book "13 Bankers" related to the revolving door will be posted here

Props to people that haven’t gone through the revolving door [Section to give it up to the few who haven’t been seduced by the revolving door/people who speak out against it]


Link good videos of perpetrators being asked questions by Congress-persons or whatever