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Kim Forbes-Gayton

969 days ago
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Kim F               
                This law seems very vague, albeit is is understandable - to me- that Wyoming want to control weed seeds and curtail any grain seeds, particularly those which are certifiable (have certain characteristics or trademark), along with any fraud that could be perpetrated by anyone (individual, seed seller/distributor, or corporation - albeit the latter not  being provided here). However, what is the criteria by which anyone determines whether or not  seed is certifiable (11-12-120 ), and does an individual who wants certification induce a seller to break the law to provide that certification? Moreover, (11-12-101) exempts a person who does not intend to sell his seed or plant it: the point there is?    However, it all comes down to the victim's perception of what was sold to him/her in terms of quality and whether or not under Wyoming law the seed law has been violated. 
11-12-101. Definitions. 
(a) Repealed By Laws 2007, Ch. 8, 
(b) As used in this act: 
(i) "Controlling the pollination" means to use a method of 
hybridization which will produce pure seed which is at least 
seventy-five percent (75%) hybrid seed; 
(ii) "Dormant" means viable seed, excluding hard seed, 
which fails to germinate when provided the specific germination 
conditions for the kind of seed in question; 
(iii) "Germination" means the emergence and development 
from the seed embryo of those essential structures which, for 
the kind of seed in question, are indicative of the ability to 
produce a normal plant under favorable conditions. For the 
purposes of this act, "germination" may also mean the percentage 
of seed determined viable by a tetrazolium test for species 
identified in the rules for testing, or for species for which 
there are no rules for testing; 
(iv) "Hard seed" means seed which remains hard at the end 
of the prescribed test period because it has not absorbed water 
due to an impermeable seed coat; 
(v) "Hybrid" as applied to kinds or varieties of seed, 
means the first generation seed of a cross produced by 
controlling the pollination and by combining: 
(A) Two (2) or more inbred lines; 
(B) One (1) inbred or a single cross with an open 
pollinated variety; or 
(C) Two (2) selected clones, seed lines, varieties or 
(vi) "Inert matter" means all matter that is not a seed, 
including broken seeds, sterile florets, chaff, fungus bodies 
and stones; 
(vii) "Kind" means one (1) or more related species or 
subspecies which singly or collectively is known by one (1) 
common name, including but not limited to, soybean, flax, barley 
and wheat; 
(viii) "Labeling" means the display or displays of 
written, printed or graphic matter upon or attached to the 
container of seed or accompanying and pertaining to any seed 

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